Sunday, October 7, 2018


Just thought I'd drop by and say hello. I won't be able to update this blog in the next two months because I'm working on another musical project, and have to focus on that. I told myself though that after this project, I'd go back to my old hobbies, and one of them is this, doll collecting and photography. I might have a chance to take some photos next month because I have to travel, but I'm not expecting much because I'm travelling for business and not for vacation. I don't want other people who don't understand this hobby to think I'm not serious about my work, lol.

I still update my toy Instagram account whenever I can, so I guess you can find me there, if you are looking for me.

I still also play with some of my toys. In fact, I have two cacti growing by the window in my room, and I have photographed those with miniature toys beside them. Those blind bag toys do come in handy for that purpose, haha.

I'll be back. See ya.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Celebrity and Sports Dolls

I've been updating my Instagram account more often than this blog, but I never forget about this place. I still think of things to write about or do, but lately I've been feeling demotivated again. I have to work on that!


I found a Raven Symone doll! It's from The Cheetah Girls and Raven played the character Galleria. I know nothing about the show, haha. I'm just glad that I finally have Raven. I got her cheap online and made a friend in the process. 

This is Aqua from The Cheetah Girls, but I really don't know the actress who played her. I got her with her original top, but not the pants because her pants were too expensive for me. And I figured that her top was long enough to look like a dress so I just bought her top.

Here are Galleria and Aqua together. My collection of AA dolls is growing! Sweet!!!

This is Edeline from 12 Dancing Princesses, which I know nothing about either, hahah. I only found her head so I had to look for a replacement body. Luckily I found an MTM. It was broken: neck peg is missing, so were the hands, and the feet are mismatched, but I winged it and was able to give the MTM body to Edeline. I love her Goddess sculpt face. 

I found this Britney Spears doll and rescued it, but I sold it afterwards. Even though I was tempted to keep it, it didn't feel right.

Turns out that my instincts were right. I found another Britney Spears doll and they actually had stains on their face. I was glad that the stains came off so she looks presentable. Her hair was cut off, so I had to trim it a little. Her hair at the back is shorter but I can manage.

Here she is with Baby Spice. They look cute. My caption for this photo over at Instagram is "Hit Me Baby Spice One More Time", lol!!!

Just as the World Cup was about to end, I found this 1998 Women's World Cup Barbie! She had her jersey uniform, long socks, soccer cleats and even her shin guard! And she could really kick a ball, if you pull her right leg back and push a button on her back! Pretty cool!

I decided to bring out my fake grass and it worked perfectly as a background!

World Cup Barbie finally met my Soccer MTM doll. They look badass, don't they?

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Crafting, Jacqueline and Letting Go

I haven't been making a lot of crafts lately; just a few things I could do here and there with the amount of time and motivation I had at the moment...

I finally made a miniature laptop! But this laptop is pretty funny because the screen is obviously Windows and the keyboard is a Mac! The things you can do with crafting, haha! It's just made of advertising pages that I cut out and stuck on card stock and black foam sheet.

For reference, here's Lottie with the laptop!

This kid is spoiled, I swear. She has iPads, cellular phones... now a laptop. LOL.

And I finally got around to working on this Takara kitchen counter that I bought at a thrift store like 2 or 3 years ago. It was so cheap because the chrome paint job on the counter has chipped, and it has missing drawers and doors. I don't mind though. Anyway I painted a first coat of silver paint on it. I didn't finish painting it in one sitting because I didn't use a primer so the paint don't really adhere to the plastic unless I wait for the coat to dry first. It could have used some sanding, definitely, but at the time I began working on it, I couldn't find my sandpaper, haha.

It's a good size for Lottie. I'll think of something for a photo shoot. Besides, I do have a lot of miniature food and dining items that I can use for this counter.

And oh my gosh, I found a Fresh Doll while thrifting! She's Jacqueline from The Fresh Dolls, and she's missing a hair plug on her hairline, which is entirely my fault because I'm such an intense doll hair brusher, lol. And it's not noticeable because have you seen her hair? Look it's huge!

I love finding black dolls that I like to my collection. Maybe next time I can make a post about all the black dolls I have. It's not a huge collection, but it's growing and I find these dolls more interesting than blonde/white Barbie dolls, sorry.

Oh and I'm thinking of pronouncing her name "Jay-Quell-in" like in that Substitute Teacher video from Key and Peele. If you haven't seen it, you should!

Lately I've been trimming down my collection and sold a few of them on Facebook. I guess you can say that I'm using the KonMari method, somewhat. I mean, there was a time in the past that I really enjoyed these dolls, but I don't feel the same way now anymore. It's rather time to appreciate the good times and let another person enjoy the dolls I'm letting go. An example is this set of Spice Girls figures I've had for so long. 

OK, they're not dolls, but this is actually a good example because I've had these figures for a decade, I think. And I've asked myself so many times why I've held on to these figures.

Well first of all, it took me a while to complete them. I didn't even know I would be able to, so this set reminds me of how luck was on my side in finding all of them for a very good price. I know they're collectibles, but I'm not really a big Spice Girls fan, to begin with, so collecting Spice Girls memorabilia isn't really in my agenda. Sure, I like Victoria Beckham (nee Adams) and enjoyed Spice Girls songs back in the day, but I don't feel the same amount of adoration for them as I would feel for, say, the Backstreet Boys, which I really really loved when I was younger. So if the memory of me finding them all is the only thing that's sparking joy (Haha, very KonMari), then would a photograph of this figure set be enough? And I told myself, yes it would be enough. At the moment, someone I know has reserved this set and I'm waiting to be paid. I'm so ready to move on.

I hope to be able to blog more. I want to even talk about those dolls I've sold but those would be for a different blog post. Cheers!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

My Cat Burglars

Finally! The original Cat Burglar from Barbie Spy Squad meets her cosplayer, hahaha!

My custom Cat Burglar looks really rough. She needs a hair restyle, a new mask and shoes. I'll get on it soon.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Richprime Kids Craze Warehouse Sale 2018

A late post, hahaha! I went to the Richprime's Kids Craze warehouse sale last April! I've never been to their warehouse sale before even though their warehouse is located in Quezon City, which is pretty accessible to me. It was only when my brother decided to go there that I asked to come along with him!

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I found my Cat Burglar doll here, by the way.

I was a little shy talking to myself here because I'm not used to filming with other people around, hahaha!

If they have another sale next year, I'll try to visit again!

Doll Impulsions (Part 7)

Here's another batch of screen shots I took from last month, which I forgot to post, haha.

Isn't it a cute way to hang doll clothes? I like that green hoodie, by the way.

This are vintage Rebook trainers! They look horrible, like they're about to fall apart, hahah. Modern Ken shoes look so much better now.

I have a small collection of Rody horses, so when I saw these photos, my collector sense is kicking in. MUST. RESIST.

Meygana from Bratzillaz! That's already cheap! But guess what, I already have a basic Meygana doll (no inset eyes and her body is not as articulated), and I'm really trying to cut down my purchases. So I didn't get Meygana.

I didn't get Lola from Hannah Montana either. I would like to get her though because her short pink bob is pretty cool, but I can still deal.

Her face has the same mold as Mitchie from Camp Rock, eh?

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lottie's World: Pet Horse

I put Lottie back in her riding outfit. In this photo, I finally included a pet horse for her, but it's actually too small for her so she can't ride on it. Haha. But it looks cute as her companion. I don't have a name for the horse yet.

I think this one is my favourite shot out of the bunch I took because I can see the pathway I made with the tiny stones. I laid each stone on the fake grass one by one!

I had to take photos of the cats. They were curious about the "rock mountain" on the wheelbarrow.

Just a behind the scenes pic. The light on the left is too bright, I actually covered it with a white cloth to soften the light. All the pics except this BTS one have been filtered on Instagram.