Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Lottie's World: Pet Horse

I put Lottie back in her riding outfit. In this photo, I finally included a pet horse for her, but it's actually too small for her so she can't ride on it. Haha. But it looks cute as her companion. I don't have a name for the horse yet.

I think this one is my favourite shot out of the bunch I took because I can see the pathway I made with the tiny stones. I laid each stone on the fake grass one by one!

I had to take photos of the cats. They were curious about the "rock mountain" on the wheelbarrow.

Just a behind the scenes pic. The light on the left is too bright, I actually covered it with a white cloth to soften the light. All the pics except this BTS one have been filtered on Instagram.

I Finally Found Cat Burglar!!!

I finally have a Cat Burglar doll! I got her on sale for P300! Whew, after 2 years of waiting, hahaha.

Her head is a Skipper face mold.

I take it back, her face is not that bad, as I mentioned in my two-year old post: "kinda meh". Her eyebrows are quite high too. She looks a bit evil, which is how she's perceived to be, haha. 

I'm just glad that I finally found her at a price I can afford. Next time, I'll take a photo of her next to my custom Cat Burglar doll

Monday, April 9, 2018

DIY Doll Hanging Egg Chair

I finally made a hanging egg chair for my doll!

The seat is just a clear plastic bowl I found at the store. I hand drilled a hole one side and attached a jump ring and a short chain to it, then I hung it up on...

... a banana holder! The shape of this banana holder is perfect!

Now I have to make a cushion with pits on it to make this chair more comfortable.

Here's a video for making a hanging egg chair using yarn!

I really did want to use a clear plastic bowl and a banana holder though so I didn't follow the instructions (except for attaching chains to the chair). The good thing about that project above is it fits 1:6 dolls.

I also made the pants Lottie is wearing in the photo. The fabric from an old sewing project that I abandoned years ago.

In other news, I can't find the set of tiny plastic easter eggs that I wanted to buy anymore. They're now out of stock! I shouldn't have hesitated the first time I saw them, ugh. Oh well, I think I can just come up with another idea on how to make doll balloons. I mean, I could totally use regular sized eggs, but Lottie is small. I want something that's more in scale for her size.

The idea about doll balloons came from here, btw:

Sunday, April 8, 2018

1977 Farrah Fawcett doll by Mego

I found a Farrah Fawcett doll! At first her left arm was missing, but I rummaged through the bins of the thrift store and found her left arm by luck! Without the arm, I could have bought her for P75, but after finding her arm, her price became P100!

Her right arm was actually in tact when I found her but at home, I pulled it out because her joints have melted.

Dried plastic goo all over the joints, yuck! I had to carve the melted plastic with my crafting knife.

I had a difficult time assembling the pieces together, because without the melted plastic, the joints have become loose. I had to use wire to put them together, and even tied garter on her chest area to keep the arms in place.

I love that her head is in good condition. I would have gotten her even without that left arm. Anyway she's such a big woman, I didn't have any clothes that would fit her very well, neither do I have clothes that fit her aesthetic. So I just dressed her up in these hoping she'd look like the type to stay at home, lounge and smoke a cigarette every now and then, lol.

I have this metal stand that came with a photo frame, but the photo frame is now gone. The end of the stand stops right under her butt, making her stand like this, haha.

Her skin has a reddish tone to it, so I wasn't even sure that I could rebody her easily had I only used her head. Her hair is quite unruly but I didn't want to tame it with a doll comb because I'm afraid she'd lose all these lovely curls in the process. I love the volume it has. And she has rooted eyelashes, yaaaas!

In other news, I finally came around to retouching this Mrs. Hearts doll's lips!

I bought her online. I don't remember how much I paid for her, but I thought I had to get her. Her lip paint was actually chipped, and I have only touched it up today, lol.

She has that Steffie sculpt vibe thing going on, even thought she's not at all a Steffie sculpt but an original Hearts Mom sculpt. Actually some of the Mrs. Heart doll versions have the Steffie sculpt, so that might explain the resemblance?

She has a TNT body, but I have clothes that fit the TNT body, so I didn't really have a hard time finding a dress for her.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Getting Rid of All My Doll Boxes

As the title of this post says, I am getting rid of all my doll boxes. It's been a long time since I've saved them all, but I haven't done any recycling or crafting at all that would make me use these boxes, so I've decided to add them to my growing pile of paper that I can sell at the junk shop. I'm surprised that I no longer feel anything for all these cardboard. I can finally let them all go.

[APRIL 14th:

/In the end I saved the Spirit Riding Free box and another acrylic packaging, for making doll eyeglasses. LMAO what am I doing?!

On a different note. I've started hand sewing again! I made three pants for Lottie so far in two days. Why I haven't used my sewing machine, that's another topic, lol.

Aaaaaand before the Easter season ends, I have to get those tiny plastic eggs that I saw at Expressions. They'd make good balloons for Lottie!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Thought I'd Share...

I think it's just normal when you blog and you just caption your blog post with a sucky title, lol. I clearly don't have any idea what to name this post, but okay... hahaha.

On Instagram I found cute.vintage.dolls and she was kind enough to photograph her Tammy (middle) and Sindy dolls (left and right). Oh my, Tammy is such a tall lady, isn't she?I thought they'd be the same height. Thanks cute.vintage.dolls for taking this photo for me!

Wouldn't it be funny to use these stickers for dolls? I could buy these things and stick them on clear acrylic doll packaging, cut them out and make accessories for dolls, haha. I have yet to make eyeglasses for my doll. I have some acetate sheets that I think I can use for this craft.

If you've read my blog before, you'd already know Cattleena (left). I changed her outfit with this dress I found and is too short for Lottie.

Then I had a few spare parts so I played with them. I had a spare Liv doll head, and the body of Nyla from I Love VIP Pets. I put them together, et voila! It's Sophie the dog, hahaha. DO NOT FEED HER!

I found a Raggedy Andy plush doll at the thrift store and he still had his tags. I thought I could resell him, but nah, I'll just keep him because he's in such good condition. I still have to wash him though.

And I found a BFC Ink doll! It's Aleisha (right) and she's supposed to be a twin of another doll named Noelle. They're so pretty! This is the second time I've handled a BFC Ink doll. The first time was when I found Addison at the thrift store but didn't know what the BFC Ink dolls were, so I left her behind. When I came back to the store, I just found her body. Somebody pulled her head off and bought just that, then left her body at the store, ugh. But I got her body and used it for my custom cat burglar doll.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Doll Impulsions (Part 6)

I forgot the movie where this is from. I haven't really seen it but I know this character, Sally. The Night Before Christmas? This key chain would look cute as a doll's doll.

This fancy looking guitar. Could be a Bratz guitar. Hmm.

A Zeenie Doll! I was too late when I saw this post on sale. She's rare here in my side of the planet.

These bootleg Ever After High doll stands called Fairy Tales. It's the first time I've seen these. I usually see bootleg stands for Barbie and Monster High, but not Ever After High.

I forgot what these are called but they're cute so I'm posting them. I can't be bothered to go back to papusilemele's post to read the caption, lol.

This Lori accessory pack!! Oh my goodness, it's so cute! I feel that the chair would be very small for Lottie, but everything else would be on scale. We used to have the miniature Lori dolls on display here, but no accessory packs. They were so expensive!