Sunday, June 18, 2017

Asha Went To A Recital

So Asha went to my friend's recital. My friend did pole spin and pole dance for the show! It was a great night because not only did I enjoy my friend's performance, the other performances were amazing, too! I especially liked the aerial silk performance! Here are two photos after the show. 

My friend was so nice to have this photo taken with Asha!! Asha has never tried pole dancing. She's more into yoga, but it's nice to see something new for a change, don't you think!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Barbie Made To Move Soccer Player Doll

My old friend gave me an apology gift (lol) and when I opened the package, I saw this! A Barbie Made To Move Soccer Player doll!

This is the first time I get a face sculpt like this. Because I've been really busy, I haven't had time to play and take photos of her, out of the box. She's my second Made To Move Barbie, next to Asha, so I'm excited what I can come up with these two.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Lottie Wildlife Photographer Mia Doll

OMG, this is great news. Arklu is coming up with a new doll from the Lottie Dolls line called Wildlife Photographer Mia!! I got the photos from the International Design Awards website:

The source is this link: 

Mia the Wildlife Photographer was created to reflect the brand's mission which is that childhood should be an inclusive place, where every child belongs regardless of gender, ethnicity or ability. Mia empowers children to become inspired by wildlife through her packaging elements, her appropriate clothing and her STEAM focused accessories. Mia's got six photo-style collector cards included in the doll box which are inspired by real kids, nature photos submitted by children as part of an international photography competition to encourage fans to get involved in Mia's design. Mia wears a cochlear implant, which is part of her story rather than a focal point; as reflected in the Lottie chapter books. Mia is a collaboration with 'Toy Like Me' a UK non-profit who campaign for diversity in the toy-box and for better representation of disabilities so that differently abled children can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with.

Mia's face sculpt is different from Lottie's. It might be Finn's? But her faceup, hair colour, hair texture and skin colour really work well together! She's gorgeous!

What do you think of her? I think her red outfit is striking. Her outfit caught my attention very quick! Her box is also good looking! I hope Arklu comes up with more dolls!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

My Lottie Dolls Instagram Takeover

I took over the Lottie Dolls Instagram account for about a week, and it was quite an experience. I covered June 3rd to 9th.

I wasn't able to log in on June 3rd due to authentication issues. I think it's because of my location because most of the people that have taken over the account are based in Europe, and I'm in the Philippines. Two ladies from the Lottie team helped me out so I was able to log in the next day.

I'm only listing the links of the posts I made because there's a lot, but on the next blog entry, I'll post the actual photos, and then some.

Sixteen posts. Not bad, considering I lost a day of posting. And this is their thank you post. Aww.

If you like taking photos of Lottie and would like to take part in the Lottie Instagram Takeover, email Here is the announcement about the project made back in January.

You can use this link to get to their website and look for the doll you'd like if you want to order one: If you ask me, I like Muddy Puddle's outfit, and Lottieville Festival's skin colour is gorgeous, but nothing beats my first Lottie doll, Spring Celebration Ballet, because I know her face and angles so well. It's easier for me to photograph a doll that I'm very familiar with. If I were to get another Lottie doll, I'd probably get Forest Friend for her lovely outfit and gorgeous hair colour, or Finn, because I don't have a boy Lottie doll yet.

Thank you, Lottie team!!! It was a pleasure!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

My New Lottie Dolls, and Asha's First Concert

I finally had the time to unbox my new Lottie dolls! So excited to actually use them in doll scenes!!

Here's Muddy Puddles Lottie. I'm so happy to get her. She's one of my favourites from the line, and is very appropriate for the weather now, which is rainy!

The back of the box.

I didn't need to destroy the box to get her out of it. It was fairly easy!

Here's Lottieville Festival Lottie. I love her complexion!!! And I remember that she used to be called Branksea Festival Lottie. I wonder why her name changed.

The back of the box.

All my Lottie dolls together!! Look at how worn out my first Lottie is, hahaha!

I also got a scooter set, so that my Lotties can play with it outside!

The back of the box.

In other news, Asha and I went to a concert. This is one of those rare times that I'll post photos of myself, so brace yourself, lol.

We were VVIPs at the show! I didn't let her take a photo with the star of the show though, given the perks we had, because I was... well, shy.

Asha watching the countdown. She was a little anxious about it.

A friend took this. Look at how eager she looked to watch the concert, haha. Some of my online friends have finally met Asha and they even had their photos taken with her! It's an amazing night!

My friend shared her Weng weng alcoholic drink with Asha, to calm her down hahaha. Asha, that's too much. Don't drink everything, please!!

Here's Asha enjoying the show!

Now the bear in the photo above is Mangosteen, and Asha and Mangosteen have met before, but I forgot to take a photo! Mangosteen is so lucky to have her photo taken with that guy right there! Maybe Asha will have her own moment next time!

We also didn't make it to the yoga studio anymore because I was so busy. Look forward to Chapter 2, Asha, OK???

By the way, an old friend even came to the show and gave me a gift: a Made to Move Soccer Barbie, omg!!! I will post photos of her soon!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rehearsal and New Dolls

Sorry, I haven't been around here for such a long time, but it's been a busy month. Anyway,

Asha's been to a private rehearsal, but not to yoga class. She was quite overwhelmed in the photo because she was called "the famous Barbie" by this guy in the photo.

Perhaps she can make it tomorrow, Thursday, at the yoga studio. We'll see.


My free samples from Lottie dolls are here!! I'm so excited to go back to doll photography and take photos with my first Lottie, and these two new girls. I wonder what I should call them...

Also I noticed that Branksea Festival Lottie is now Lottieville Festival Lottie. Hmm...

I'll be back, I promise!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Asha's Half Boat Pose

Remember this post I made about Asha's fifteen minutes of fame? I mentioned a manager. Well, I met the manager of my favourite band, and had the chance to show Asha to him. He liked her! He immediately tried to manipulate Asha's body to do a certain yoga pose, but she kept tipping to one side when he puts her down on the table, lol. I kept telling him that wire or some kind of support would keep her balanced.

Anyway, I wanted to work on the pose he tried on Asha, so I made this.

She did a half boat pose, but for some reason, her hip joints won't let her bend even more to create that tight V-shape with her body. Instead we have this. It's all right... I mean, yoga is a journey and an internal dialogue with oneself in real life anyway. You're not expected to do a certain yoga pose properly on the first take. There will be times when you'll keep falling or tipping to the side, but repetition is the key and you will be able to do a pose properly at one point. It takes time for muscle memory to kick in, anyway.

I didn't use wire to stabilise her; I used a long paint brush, haha! And I finally made a yoga mat for Asha. It's just a piece of foam I cut to size.

Hope I can take more photos of Asha! And of course, Lottie. I haven't updated my Lottie's World project recently. I've just been really busy, that's why.