Wednesday, February 6, 2019

On Hiatus

Gongxi! Happy Chinese New Year!

Today I am making a decision again to set aside blogging here... so that I could focus on my health. I want to be healthy and fit, perhaps become a disciplined athlete, and I have realised once again that there are things I have to let go or sacrifice so I could achieve something I really want. It is indeed a feat to multi-task and I know I can do that, but in my case, whenever I do it, my output is somehow unsatisfactory to me, like I could do better or more.

It really hit me that I can't write regularly anymore, obviously by looking at how my toy blog is doing, but more so, when I tried to keep a journal recently and I was only able to fill in a few pages for a week. I couldn't keep going, and keeping a record of how my days went feel quite ridiculous or awkward now, unlike when I was still in school. I have accepted the fact that I am not the most consistent person ever and there will be setbacks when when I am working on something, but for this particular task of documenting the things in my life I was grateful for each day, I just resigned after a few days without any regret.

There are days when the task of blogging again looms in my head, but when I blog, I don't want to do it anymore out of guilt just because I slacked off. So right here, I'm putting my foot down, that if I can't blog regularly and out of joy or inspiration then I'd rather not waste time wishing I could, or beating myself for not doing it.

I still like writing. In fact, I wouldn't use my time writing this at all if I have completely given up, but as I have mentioned earlier, there are just some stuff I have to give up if I am working on something that I really want to achieve. I want to feel better about myself. I accept myself for who I am, but I know I can change physically and improve how I feel. It is never too late!

I still like dolls, don't get me wrong! I do, but right now I'm choosing to cut back on things I think that do not relate as much to my current goal, and one of these things is toy blogging. I still maintain my Instagram account for toys though because for some reason, posting a photo with short caption is so easy and doable for me. I could post about something on there, add a few hashtags and boom, I'm done, my account is updated, and people signed on there still know I'm alive, haha.

I still need to finish some personal doll-related projects, but writing about the whole process is not my priority anymore, not right now. And when I do finish, I can go full-force on what I want to work on, and that is myself! I am excited. This decision makes me feel liberated, like I am starting with a clean slate. This may or may not have something to do with the Konmari method of tidying things, lol. Sorry, I love that method and it did change my life, and I guess I've become braver to face what I need and want to do head-on. I mean, I've also started learning a new language, too. It isn't directly related to getting physically fit, but I feel good learning something new and that's good for my brain. I am fluent in two languages (Filipino and English), and I've learned the basics of two more when I was in school (Japanese and Mandarin Chinese). Now I'm learning Magyar! It's Hungarian, of all languages!!! 

This hiatus is indefinite. I don't know when I can come back to write often, but I'm still on Instagram every now and then and that's good enough for me, at least for now.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

More Fun Finds

I found this pack of pencil topper erasers made to look like popcorn! Pretty cool! I thought this would be cute for big dolls.

My magnet display on the fridge, which has been updated to this:

I combined the previous ones I collected and the lot of secondhand magnets I won in a Facebook group to which I belong.

I had to separate my Philippine travel magnets and this doll magnet from the Bahamas, because my fridge door is already crowded.

I found a Bratzillaz Midnight Beach Cloetta Spelletta, and she does glow in the dark!

It's freaky that her eyes don't glow, so her eyes look hollow in the dark.

I found this wooden doll house at the mall. It's expensive, and too small for Lottie, but it won't hurt to keep looking at it, right? Haha.

I'm not a big fan of doll houses when it comes to doll photography though, because of the shadows cast by the ceiling and the pillars. These just get in the way of the lighting for the dolls, and I find them limiting, too, specially when I want to take photos from different angles.

I found this balance wall game at a different mall. I particularly like the trowel it comes with.

So tiny!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Warehouse Sale, Skelita, and Lava Cake

I went to Richprime Global Inc's warehouse sale last December 5th. This is my haul from the warehouse which was a couple of floors up the building, and at Kids Depot on the ground floor.

2 Angry Birds camping sets worth P300 each, because I’ve wanted a miniature tent for so long, I might as well get two tents because why not.. I heard about this camping set from a fellow doll collector who found one at the sale, so I made sure to look out for this when I visited the warehouse. These were actually difficult to find. The boxes were placed so far back in one of the Barbie shelves, and I had to pull out other boxes in front to see these.

A Rio 2 blue macaw family pack worth P200, because the woman who bought the duo packs said she’d be using hers for her plants and I was like whooaaa..  I've been using the birds to decorate my cactii, haha.

A La Dee Da fashion pack, worth P50, with the bunny missing and the straps of the dress already disintegrating but that’s ok because it’s hella cheap anyway.

2 sets of Monster High tapefitti tapes, worth P200 each, for me and my friend. My friend likes washi tapes, and I like to craft when I have the time, so these are perfect for us.

And a Barbie MTM pink top, worth P700, for my friend because she has been looking for one for so long and we couldn't find any at our local stores anymore. She has already paid me back, lol.

Here is Lottie modelling the La Dee Da fashion pack, the Rio birds, and the camping set!

Brand new Monster High dolls are so rare now, I could only find them at Kids Depot. I found Scarah Screams (Freaky Fusion) there for P200!! That's crazy! But I didn't want to get her because I don't like her fusion with Toralei Stripe, haha.

Speaking of Monster High, I found Skelita Calaveras at the thrift store back in November.

I have no clothes for her, but I think I like her naked like this; I can see al her bones.

And I wish I knew whom to credit for the photo above. I found it on Instagram and forgot to get the link, shucks! Anyway, that's a gorgeous lava cake with a doll topper made to look like Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray from the Philippines! She even has the iconic Three Stars and Sun ear cuff! This is truly a work of art!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Bodysuits, The Hiding Sewing Machine and Cat Noir

I attempted to make a pattern and sew a bodysuit again, in a smaller scale, but alas, I made the sleeves and the pant legs very narrow! Add to the fact that I chose a not so good fabric that doesn't stretch. (I chose it because it's shiny, unlike the black t-shirt fabric that I have.) What a waste! I cut off the sleeves and the legs and gave the suit a try on Lottie.

Seems like the collar has too much fabric. That won't happen if the fabric is thin but stretchy.
Mental notes... Mental notes...

I would have been faster if I used my sewing machine, lol. I decided to check it out from storage.

Here it is under a Christmas themed microwave oven cover. I had to tuck the sides of the cover with binder clips.

Tada!!! I have to re-learn how to sew on this thing. That's going to be my goal in 2019, lol.

May these pictures of Cat Noir and Antibug from Miraculous inspire me to make the bodysuit/s that I need.

Speaking of Cat Noir, I found one from an online seller, and I should get it later this week. He's missing one hand, his tail and weapon, but I don't mind. I asked the seller if Cat Noir's bodysuit fits an Ever After High boy doll, but the boy doll she had is Daring Charming with the sculpted shoes (Ew!), so she couldn't get Daring's feet through the pant holes. But she managed to try Cat Noir's bodysuit on Monster High's Clawd Wolf and it was quite a good fit. Still, I'd like to dress up my Hunter Huntsman doll with a bodysuit for a custom project, and I know that EAH boy dolls are quite bulkier than MH boy dolls, so I think I just have to make that suit on my own soon.

Sewing and Bridges

I started sewing again, which I haven't done so in a long while. I wanted to make a body suit for my Hunter Huntsman but it seems I have forgotten to make patterns, lol. I traced around his body on black fabric that has been folded so that there are two layers underneath him, then when I was already sewing the two layers of fabric together, I was thinking about how I'm gonna get the doll to fit in the suit. Then I realized that there should be two pieces of fabric for his back instead of one, because the velcro strips will be added in later. So I just stopped sewing all together, lol. I need to start over and cut pieces of fabric again. Sorry, no pictures. It's just a sewing project gone wrong, which happens a lot. Nothing wrong with it, haha. That's how we learn and improve anyway.

I was thinking about miniature bridges a while back, but it was only yesterday that I looked up samples. On Amazon, I found these two that look easy to make:

Bridge #1:

 Bridge #2:

Cardboard, popsicle sticks, wooden dowels, toothpicks, glue and some brown and black paint... 

And then I found this miniature river, which would be perfect under those bridges:

Cardboard, small stones, perhaps blue play dough for the water and something to stick in between those stones to look like grass or moss... maybe fake moss or green paper strips..

Gosh I want to make Lottie stand on the bridge, overlooking the river and greenery around her. That would be a fun diorama to make. Soon!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2018

It's a Rainy Morning

I suck at writing titles again, but yes that's true, it's raining, and I have to bring out a sweater from storage because of the cold.

Moving on...

I was at S&R (it's a membership shopping place) and found Kazumi from Zeenie Dollz. Whoa.

Her skin looks like porcelain! She's so pale!

Kazumi is the one I like from Zeenie Dollz. She was in my wish list.

But I'm not willing to get her at this price, P999. It's too much.

I found these generic fashion dolls with fake Barbie Made to Move outfits at a supermarket. Because of these dolls' 5 points of articulation, my fellow doll collectors dubbed her UNMADE TO MOVE. Get it? Haha.

At the book store I found this book packed with toys. So cute. I think the toy cats inside would make good doll pets.

I found this unicorn drink holder at the book store and it was so pricey. I think it was priced at P1000. NO WAY, because I could get a similar drink float at a fraction of that price!

Some of my drink floats: a unicorn, a sailboat, and an island with a palm tree.

A heart float with some decorative floral cutouts inside, a donut float, and a watermelon float.

And I found this massive gold swan drink float at a second hand store. I only paid P100 for this and it was still in the box! It can hold 4 drinks at once! Asha was quick to demonstrate how cozy it is.

And all my four Lotties can ride in it together, haha. By the way, Muddy Puddles is wearing a costume for Halloween. She dressed up as a "Rainbow Girl"! (Thanks, my brother! ;-P) And Branksea Festival is wearing a clown outfit.

I was at a toy sale in the mall this month. I had to meet someone at the nearby mall, and it turned out that they were planning to go to this sale after our meeting. I told them I was going there too, so we went together but decided to split up when we got there because there was so much to see and I wanted to look around for so long without being a drag to them.

The lines to checkout was crazy, but I was patient enough to stand in line for a couple of minutes.

I only got two items from that sale, and it was worth lining up, lol. Just a Gamora figure from Guardians of The Galaxy, which I got for P100 (SCORE!!!) and a bed rail for my niece, which was just P200. So cheap! I could have gotten the Yondu, Star-Lord and Rocket (in blue outfit) figures too, but Yondu and Star-Lord looked ugly and I already have a Rocket figure (wearing orange).

Her eyes look weird, but okaaaaaay. I didn't have the luxury to choose the figure with the best faceup, you know.

Here are my three Guardians of the Galaxy figures: Gamora, Rocket, and Groot. Groot is not in the right scale, compared to my other 2 figures, but I got Groot first and I couldn't find an affordable Groot figure in 1/6th scale either. I'm okay with the size difference, really.

I just thought I'd put Gamora and my Cat Burglar doll in one picture. Gamora can stand up on her own, while Cat Burglar needed assistance. Thanks, Gamora's left hand!

Because it's Christmas and Gamora's in green and red, I thought I'd throw in a nutcracker in the photo. Doesn't Gamora look so happy to celebrate Christmas? Hahaha. I captioned this photo at Instagram with "Grinch of The Galaxy".

Lastly, I finally caved in and bought this toy boat at Daiso. I didn't have the time anymore to make my own toy boat, but maybe in the future, I can make my own putt putt boat based on the film Ponyo!

I'm keeping these pictures for future reference!