Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hasbro Beauty and The Beast Dolls in The Philippines

The live action Beauty And The Beast dolls are finally at my local toy stores, but I'm not so happy about their look.

These are photos taken by my friend, by the way. But I've already seen them in person.

This is the basic Belle doll with straight arms and possibly straight legs as well. Meh.

The Belle doll in her iconic yellow gown, and with articulation in the wrists, elbows and probably knees. That paper rose is quite a turnoff, lol.

The two-pack of Beast and Belle. I think Beast is a much better doll than Belle herself because Beast is really unique looking and his design is more complicated.

Do you like them? Are you excited about the upcoming movie? I'm still half-hearted about this live action version of Beauty and The Beast. I'm actually looking forward to the live action version of The Little Mermaid instead.


  1. I will probably watch it, but the Little Mermaid is my favorite. I'm not a fan of these Belle dolls, and agree that Beast was done much better. I've seen some beautiful repaints done of those Belle dolls that do Emma Watson more justice!

  2. Expensive, the head looks bigger, not proportioned to her shoulder.

    1. Oh yeah they're so expensive!! I can't imagine myself buying it brand new. And the face, oh my.