Friday, February 10, 2017

Taking It Slow

Lately I feel demotivated to do dolly stuff. I'm still looking for inspiration to continue my Lottie project and other stuff that have been pushed aside, but I'm not losing hope. It's only been less than two weeks since I did something blog-worthy. I mean, I took pictures of Lottie in between, but I wasn't feeling the outcome.

Meanwhile I found some nice items, including three more miniature Rody horses (black, blue and red). Now I have four of them.

Not the best photos, I know. I'm just too lazy to get my phone and take photos, so I used my webcam again. The backdrop is just a gift wrap with chocolate candies as design. They look like M&Ms or Smarties, heh.

The red horse's body is smaller than the blue one's. However when you place them side by side, they appear to be of the same height. That's because of the red horse's oversized head.

I actually could get more from my source, but I stopped at three. Maybe next time.

And this is a vintage Licca keychain, that could be dressed up because the outfit is actually removable. The head piece isn't, though. Licca looks a little snobbish here, doesn't she? Now I have my regular sized Licca dolls, this Licca keychains and my smaller ones, which are shown here.

Lately I'm thinking of making some videos for the blog, but I'm still not convinced that I should do it. Time will tell...

P.S. Last month I found out that one of the sellers I made transactions with already died, and I was like, oh s**t. Excuse the cursing, but that was my reaction. I bought these dolls from him, and he also bought a brand new doll from me. Rest in peace, sister.


  1. Hang in there. I think we have all experienced lack of motivation. Sometimes we just need a break from it all.

  2. That's a nice Licca keychain! I'm sure Lottie will understand how you feel, after all, you have featured her many times than the other dolls :-)

    1. I feel like my other dolls hate me a little for ignoring them, lol.

  3. Sorry to hear you're feeling demotivated, whenever I feel that way I like to take a break from dolls...or sometimes I'll rearrange them and it will give me ideas.

    Whatever you choose I will still continue to check on your blog and read your old posts, you are a great inspiration to me.
    Seeing you create outfits and costumes for your dolls; and seeing your collections; reminds me how much fun I have doing the same things...because sometimes I forget to relax.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm taking my time, looking at things other than dolls so I could get inspired again and think of new ideas I could apply to this hobby. You're very kind. Your message is very much appreciated.