Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Doll House for Lottie

I got a small doll house from Japan Home Centre:

It's called ハウスセット or House Set in Japanese, by Pony Co. Ltd.

The back of the box:

On the back it reads:


Those are pretty basic instructions that mean something like
How To Play
Open the house, put the furniture next to it and play it.

The doll house has 7 pieces of furniture.

The doll house on one side.

And on the other side.

It has small details like a dog and its house.

There's even a sleeping cat and a bird house on it.

When it's opened, it's not as spacious as I thought. The impression of the details outside can be seen on the inside as well.

The furnitures, all in pink:

The kitchen furniture. Is that a washing machine next to the stove??! or a dishwasher? I can't tell.

The vanity table.

A chair.

A bed that is good for two very tiny persons.

A bathtub.

A playground slide.

I suppose that this is a playground swing. But the plank is not even raised? I don't get it.

I don't think the furniture is in proportion to the house at all.

Still, they fit inside the house just fine.

Now Lottie has a small doll house to play with.

This girl is spoiled, I swear.

A few miniature items I have to pose with the house:

This is the fairy friend that came with my Winx Club doll. Her big head won't go through the door, of course.

I finally saw Despicable Me in full, Despicable Me 2, and Minions, lol. So I guess this Minion is Stuart.

Peko-chan looks nice beside the kitchen furniture. My Licca-chan charms are taller than her.

Lotso from Toy Story 3 and the vanity desk are both pink, heh.

Stuart trying the bed.

The vase stuck to his head is giving him trouble.

Om Nom on the chair.

Shopkins Grace Baseball Bat trying the slide.

And the tub.

And the swing. She doesn't fit in there, haha. Look at that awkward smile.

Fuchiko, perched on the porch, lol. I didn't notice that her face is dirty.

I also got some plush keychains: emoji and Frozen.

I could use them as Lottie's fun pillows.

Lottie loves it.

Playtime is a mess.

Lottie with her Shopkins backpacks, her green Frozen backpack, her dog pillow and her new Frozen pillow. Plus you could see mess behind her. It's her fault, lol.

I should probably cut off the bands on the back of the emoji pillows. I think it goes well with the yellow doll house. Now Lottie and her toys are somehow compelling me to make a room diorama for her. I wonder...

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