Sunday, September 4, 2016

Curly, Chloe, and Company

My new toys...

Curly from Paciocchini Babies!
Paciocchini is pronounced like Pat-sio-keenee.

Curly, with her diaper.

Naked Curly!

I think she kneels better without her diaper. Her diaper is made of felt cloth.

Chloe from The Secret Life of Pets. I got her from a McDonald's Happy Meal.

Her face is perfect. She's so bored!

Side-eyeing everything!

And incoming dolls:

Basic Meygana Broomstix (left). She's with Cloetta Spelletta Angelic Sounds, which is my friend's doll.

Meygana here reminds me of Jessica Rabbit. Her eyes are so sultry.
And I like Cloetta's Angelic's patch tights.

This lot of six dolls, omg.

3 Liv dolls for body transplants. 
2 Barbies for body transplants, one of which needs repair, and I will probably transfer the Barbie heads onto bellybutton or TNT bodies, if they're good enough for me.
A Fred doll! He's so handsome! He's from the vintage Sindy and/or Petra line. Now I have another male doll, yes!
And a random puppy. So cute!

And I'm still thinking of unboxing my Curvy Barbie or not. Yes, I have a new Barbie, aww. I wasn't supposed to add it to my collection but due to some unfortunate event, it's mine now. Oh well.


  1. Hi!
    Thats actually Angelic Sounds, from the witchy princesses line, not Cloetta Spelletta. I dont mean to be rude, but Id want to know if it was me

    1. Thank you for correcting me. I will edit my post!