Thursday, September 22, 2016

Planning To Sew

I'm trying to make a doll costume but I do not have the motivation to sew yet. Anyway, I just cut some fabric and taped everything down with masking tape onto a doll body to see how it would look like. Here's Rhian:

Hahaha, poor girl. I'm so sorry, my dear Curvy Barbie!!

Before this, I made a rough sketch so I can figure out the different parts of the outfit:

I really want to recreate this:

It's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in her Furisodeshon music video. She's so cute here, and I love the song! Check it out!

I love this song because the lyrics are simple, but it makes me think about life. It's basically about someone celebrating their twentieth birthday (hatachi in English means 20 years old) and contemplating about it. Are they still a child? Or an adult? Is it happy being an adult? Is it sad? Is it something to be grateful? Stuff like that. I'm way past this age though, but I still think about adulthood like it's so foreign at times. Like, am I really ageing? Hahaha. This song is actually my favourite from Kyary, so I want a doll that is wearing her costume in the video. But I'm not a master of sewing. I just do what I can do with what knowledge I have from my grade school sewing classes, lol. 

Those red fabric pieces I cut up are not going to waste (I hope, hah!). They are measured circular cutouts with seam allowance that I can already start working on, except the ribbon on her head. That's just scrap fabric. Of course I can make a better bow than that, lol.

I'm still thinking about how I'm going to construct the top, if I want to dive into quilting, which is a daunting task but seems to be very fulfilling in the end. I also have the option to just glue down triangle cutouts onto white fabric with fabric glue, but I feel that I would be taking the easy road when I can do better. So quilting it shall be, I guess.

I'm not in a hurry to finish this. I mean, it took me a while to make Hit Girl.

This video will definitely help me out. I made this request to someone I follow on YouTube and they granted it! They made a Furisodation dress out of coloured paper!

I think it's cute, plus the doll they used is a Jianidi doll, which I have been ogling at the toy store for months already but couldn't bring myself to buy.

Good luck to myself! Hahahaha!

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