Saturday, September 24, 2016

Work In Progress: Furisodeshon Doll Costume

I'm done with Rhian's skirt.

Fabric can really make or break an outfit. The red fabric is sheer and has a net quality to it. It's not fun to sew so I didn't work on the pleats I really wanted for the skirt anymore. Her hem is turning into bacon, curling like crazy so I was wondering if I should iron it, with care of course because I don't want to burn the fabric.

I decided to not add a long white strip to her skirt, as seen on the actual costume here. Maybe I should just paint it with white acrylic paint. Hmm.

I also made a simple petticoat with white tulle, but the tulle I have is not the soft kind. It still works, I guess, because the tulle gives volume to the skirt.

I'm thinking twice about Rhian modelling this dress. She looks too serious for the outfit. I still would like to continue making the top of the outfit. If I decide to switch models, I might choose Midge or Kira because their face seems happier. 

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