Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Making Ears for Li'l Pinkie

I have a Pinkie Cooper doll, and I bought her naked and without ears, er, wigs, er wig ears. I managed to complete her look by adding a Monster High wig on her. She looks fine now so I don't need to work on her. However, on a different occasion, I was able to thrift her pet, which happens to be called Li'l Pinkie. Like Pinkie, Li'l Pinkie has detachable ears/wigs, but the pet I found didn't come with any at all.

I wasn't able to take photos of her when I got her. Oops. When I brought her home, I was thinking of ways to complete her. Like, perhaps attaching some doll hair on her head. I thought of using the blonde hair that I cut off a Bratz Babyz doll and which I photographed here, but I couldn't settle with a method of putting the hair in place. For a long while, I've just secured the bundled hair around Li'l Pinkie's head with a clear loom band.

Tonight I decided to work on her using DohVinci. Here is Li'l Pinkie with her DohVinci ears.

I am waiting for the DohVinci to dry up. It would probably take days because I applied it quite thick, but it's part of the plan: wait for it to dry, add another layer, wait for it to dry, add another layer, repeat... basically just build up Li'l Pinkie's puffy ears. I made her ears swirly, heh.

I haven't experimented on what else I could do with DohVinci, but if this turns out well, I might stock up on it because DohVinci is on clearance at the toy store, and I could get loads of refills while it's still available. DohVinci is really soft; I think it's much softer than Play-Doh, and it has an applicator called a styler which is convenient because I don't have to keep touching the doh with my fingers all the time. I actually saw a styler at the thrift store way before I bought a DohVinci set, but I wasn't interested at the time and didn't think it would come in handy. I kinda regret not getting it because I could just buy refill packs afterwards instead of buying a new kit, but oh well. What's done is done, or rather what was not done is... oh you get it. LOL.

Now I wonder if after this project, the DohVinci ears would become removable. I would love it to become removable so that I could make more DohVinci ears for Li'l Pinkie in different colours. Li'l Pinkie is, after all, owned by a fashionable jetsetter, Pinkie Cooper.

A pet with a pet! Haha!

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