Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Work In Progress: Hannah Montana Inspired Dress

I couldn't continue working on the Furisodeshon outfit because I need motivation, and I'm still thinking of how to construct the top of the dress, so I pushed it aside and started working on another project that I've been meaning to do.

So I made it pretty obvious in the title of this entry that I'm working on a Hannah Montana inspired dress. I've always wanted to make a dress from Hannah Montana The Movie, specially the cowgirl outfit Miley Stewart is wearing in the second half of this video:

But I figured it would take me a while to make attach different fabrics together for the outfit. So I thought of doing another dress from the same movie:

Look at that sparkly fish scale dress! Amazing concert outfit! I thought I could do something like that.

So I wrapped my Hannah Montana Liv doll hybrid with plastic, then drew a simple sleeveless dress on the plastic using a black marker.

Then I carefully removed the plastic then cut along the outline of the dress. Then I transferred my patterns on an old greeting card. I had no idea how to make adjustments to the darts on the chest pattern so I just winged it, hoping it will work out.

I used sequins to adorn a piece of fabric. I didn't use the exact colours. In fact, I also used blue sequins. Because I have two kinds of green sequins, the dominant colour of the dress is becoming green, but the green is like sea foam green and fits the fish scale design of this dress.

I could have used a darker fabric and a black thread, but I have loads of this cheap white fabric, so white fabric it is.

I'll only do the sequin thing on the front of the dress. Then the back will just be plain fabric, a la budget Barbie clothes, haha.

Anyway using sequins is a good and bad thing. Sequins are really shiny and nice to look at, but it takes so much time to sew them on the fabric one at a time. I think I worked on this patch for more than three hours! Also, the colour of the sequins fade when the sequins are touched often. I tried using clear nail polish to seal a sample sequin and I think the nail polish has melted the paint away. Then I remembered I have a varnish/sealant, so I used that by brushing a small amount on the sequins with a nail polish brush, and it somehow worked restoring the colours, but I don't know how else to repair the faded sequins. Oh well.

The back of this patch is so messy because of all the knots and stitches I made, but I plan to add a lining to the dress anyway, so it's not so bad.

I can't wait to finish this dress and give my doll Hannah the outfit she deserves. I'd be able to complete her once I finish the dress. I still plan the dress to become removable, just in case something happens that would require me to undress her.


  1. Wow, i have always wanted to make a dress for my dolls, but i find it hard to follow making patterns, you made it look easier, will try this when i have time ;-)

    1. I learned this trick when I was watching a tutorial about making doll shoes. I figured, if this can be done to a doll's feet, why can't I do it to a doll's body? I'm glad you found it useful. I haven't finished Hannah's dress yet, but I will post about it of course once it's done. Hope my patterns work, lol.