Monday, September 26, 2016

Lottie's New Red Skirt

I made some sort of bubble skirt for Lottie.

I just used the red fabric I bought for making the Furisodeshon outfit that I'm still working on.

I was watching the movie Pixels when I was sewing the skirt (I still am), so I grabbed my Pixels arcade cabinet tumbler for the photo.

Lottie is a bit big for the arcade cabinet, but she loves it and doesn't care much about the scale. Maybe I need to make her a chair so that she can play Donkey Kong comfortably.

Her white socks are getting dirty, haha. She is not wearing her shoes because they come off easily at times and I don't want to lose them, hence the dirty socks.

Lottie will need more clothes so I'll make her some soon.


  1. Lottie seems to be your favorite doll, she's really cute.

    1. Yeah she's becoming one of my favourite dolls to photograph and play with because she's very handy. And my sister even told me I kinda look like her, lol. How could I have blue eyes??? Haha.