Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September Thrift Haul

I decided to come back to the thrift store today, and found these three items:

Ever After High Raven Queen Thronecoming doll, Frozen Olaf toy, and a Madame Alexander x McDonald's Wendy as The Big Bad Wolf!!

Raven, oh wow. I have a bootleg Raven. I can't wait to fix this Raven then compare it to my bootleg version. She's missing her left hand, but that's OK.

Olaf, well, I have a Elsa and Anna doll so I thought it would be fun to add Olaf to their tandem.

And The Big Bad Wolf! I've been looking for this for so long. I have Little Red Riding Hood, so I see that there would be a sweet reunion soon.

And these are the dolls I left behind.

Frozen Elsa doll with her right hand chopped off. But it lights up, and her crown is still secured to her head. I was thinking of getting her because I have a spare Elsa body, but what would I do with her after the body transplant then? I couldn't think of anything, so I left her behind.

An Irwin Sailor Moon doll! And look at all those random clothes she's wearing.

Her tiara is missing, as made obvious by the two holes on her forehead. I was supposed to get her, but I found out that she's expensive, so I let her go.

A Mattel Cinderella doll ready to go horse riding. Her legs are sculpted, even her boots. I like that her look is not as feminine as the other Cinderella dolls out there. She's just as expensive as Sailor Moon so I didn't get her either.

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