Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cutie Pops Chiffon Makeover

I thrifted Cutie Pops doll a while back. The doll I got is Chiffon, and she is missing her accessories. I mentioned getting her on this past entry. Tonight I decided to work on her.

Here she is:

Her beanie is from a The Children's Place plush doll. When I bought the plush doll at the thrift store, I wasn't even thinking of Chiffon. This is the plush doll I'm talking about:

The doll had no sweater and scarf, but her beanie and pants were intact. The pants, though it is somewhat loose, went to Fred. The beanie went to Chiffon, and it fits her perfectly!

I removed Chiffon's detachable yarn hair, and tuck it under the beanie. I just didn't feel like gluing it down.

Chiffon is missing her cupcake pops, but I thought a simple pink scarf would be a nice replacement accessory for her. The scarf came from the lot of dolls I bought from an online seller.

Her eyes are just made of cardboard and card stock. I got the cardboard cutout from Princess Malucia's box. I actually made three sets of eyes with different designs, but only the striped pink design matched Chiffon's colour scheme. I drew thick lines on the bottom of the cardboard eyes using a black marker for her eyelashes. I stuck some clear tape over the design as a protective layer and to give the eyes some gloss. Then I attached the cardboard eyes using bits of a wooden dowel. Surprisingly the wooden dowel fits Chiffon's eye holes. I only had to trim down the wooden dowel to size and use hot glue to stick it to the back of the cardboard eyes. 

I can't photograph Chiffon from any angle, by the way. Photos have to be taken from the front of the doll, because her cardboard eyes are not curved, so in some unfortunate angles, her real eyes can be seen and the cardboard eyes seem to be floating from her face.

I really liked how Chiffon turned out. I don't mind displaying her with her eyes closed at all times. I think she looks serene and at peace this way. The feeling is quite infectious, haha.

/I put her in tights after writing this entry, and it looks good on her. I think she needs something on her arms as well because a sleeveless dress can't do anything against the cold.

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