Saturday, June 4, 2016

Lottie and Chiffon

I finally found two of the dolls I have on my wish list!

A Lottie doll! It's Spring Celebration Ballet Lottie and she is missing her ballet shoes but no problem. I want to make her a school uniform a la School Days Lottie!

A Cutie Pops Chiffon doll!! She's missing many accessories but I do not mind. The best part of this haul is I got her dress and shoes! I plan to fix her, such as giving her eyes, completing her hair and making pops for her dress because those cupcake pops are gone.

I haven't compared her head size to my I Love VIP Pets Dakota doll's yet. Coming soon!

By the way, my sister is getting me a Made To Move yellow top doll and a sewing machine! I still have to wait for a month to get those, but I'm quite excited!