Friday, June 24, 2016

Can't Keep My Promise

I told myself that I will stop buying Barbies, but I just couldn't pass up this chance at the thrift store:

My two Nikkis (left and middle) welcome... Grace? What is her name? I can't identify her. She could be a Barbie So In Style doll, but I haven't found a match. I'll just call her Chloe. She's named after the character from My Froggy Stuff's Darbie Show.

/I found out that she's really a Barbie So In Style doll! Her real name is Trichelle, and she's in the Pet Fun two-pack with a little doll called Janessa!

Her head seems smaller than I'm used to with my other Barbies. Her eyes are brown. She's wearing pink eyeshadow, and her lip colour is somewhat peach. Her body is articulated, but her knees are like the old-style Fashionistas hinge knees which could only bend and not rotate.

In other not-so-exciting news, I had to separate my growing pile of doll bodies and body parts from the rest of my doll collection, to give way to my newly acquired dolls. It's kinda creepy when I look into my plastic box of bait dolls, but I just shake off that feeling, haha.

I don't have a lot of doll clothes, but it's getting out of hand. My plastic shoe box won't close anymore because there's too much fabric to store. Next time I'll find a way to contain this mess.

My sister and brother are coming home from New York very soon. I can't wait to receive her haul for me.

And I'm a little worried that I still haven't received my Zombie Alice doll when it's supposed to be on the way. Sigh.

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