Saturday, June 18, 2016

Colored Hair Gel Experiment

Last time, I found pink hair mascara on sale and tested it on a bait doll. Now I'm trying a colored hair gel I found at the thrift store. I know, I know, yuck that's disgusting but I'm only using it for my doll and not on me.

Anyway, this is the hair gel I found:

It's Fright Night Colored Hair Gel in R.I.Pink. Very strong pink colour in the tube.

I applied it on this Barbie's hair.

This Barbie is originally blond, and my stepmom found this together with another doll while going through her clutter in the house. I don't like her face but I could use her body, so I'm keeping her as bait.

Her hair didn't pick up the bright and strong colour of the gel in the tube. I thought it was going to be very bright because she has light coloured hair, but no.

Her hair became really stringy and stiff. It doesn't feel nice to the touch. I washed it off afterwards, but some of the hair strands got stained so the doll's blond hair has hints of pink in it.

My fault is that I didn't make a comparison between her hair and the doll I experimented on with hair mascara.. I could do it again if I wanted to, but this experiment really disappointed me, so probably not.

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