Monday, April 18, 2016

Hair Mascara Experiment

The weather for the past week has been terrible. The heat wave makes me sweat buckets and clouds my mind so much. I can tolerate the heat more than the cold, but come on now, anything extreme is just harmful.

This first item is not doll-related but I managed to find my favourite cooling powder at Watsons.

A couple of years ago, Snake Brand powder came in a tin can, not in a plastic container like this. Plus, they had a bigger size and that's what I usually buy. I thought it was really timely that I found this brand again.

Anyway, when I found the powder, I also found this on sale:

It's a pink Chromastix hair mascara on sale for P23.

The colour of the mascara looks off on the first pic, so I placed my powder next to it to correct the colour.

Well, I tried.

By the way, here's a vintage miniature Barbie doll I thrifted for P10 (LOL). Her hair was in bad shape. She lost so much when I brushed it, and I have no plans of rerooting, so crunchy hair she'll continue to have. Her face has bite marks too.

She's way tinier than a Dawn doll!! I wrapped her body in ribbon so that she could have clothing. The ribbon looks like a modern dress, doesn't it? No sew, no glue, yes!

I painted her built in shoes with gold nail polish.

I tried to take a closeup of her face but she's so tiny and my iPhone camera can't take in all the small details. Ms. 2D told me this is a Dazzle doll (Thank you!). I found out this was made in the early eighties, and it's not Barbie. Ooh..

Back to the Chromastix hair mascara, I used it on my spare head. This is the Betty Teen clone I have from this post. I painted her hair pink.

She reminds me of a Takara doll here.

I temporarily put her head on the Disney dress form I have.

I combed her hair so she could still have her curls.

I swear her hair looks much better way after I took this photo because I restyled her curls even more. Her hair became a bit stiff because of the mascara, but I do not mind because I want her curls intact anyway.

The mascara is indeed washable, just like how washable it is when used on human hair. I was kinda hoping the pink colour would stain my doll's hair so that her blond hair would have a hint of pink, but no. Everything just comes right off. I found out when I washed a few strands of her hair to test the mascara's staying power.

Now it gave me more ideas. There were other colours of hair mascara on the shelf as well. I found purple, burgundy, neon green and neon pink, but I know there used to be royal blue on there too, when the price for a mascara was still P55 or something like that.


  1. You really love experimenting on your dolls, maybe one day you can do your own ooak too :-)

    1. I haven't gotten to the point of doing faceups but yeah, I want to make OOAK dolls or just custom ones made in the likeness of my favourite characters.