Sunday, December 13, 2015

Budget Betty Teen doll

I found a cheap vintage doll at the thrift store. She was priced much higher when she just arrived at the store but remained for so long on the shelf because her body is hollow.

I took a particular interest on this doll because of her face and how generously rooted her hair is for a hollow plastic doll. The dress she came with is the one Sindy is now wearing and I really thought she's endearing. I know old dolls like this were made with hollow plastic so I was not expecting much with the quality and durability.

I remember I got her for P25. Cheap, isn't it? When I tried to identify her online, I was thinking she's a budget Betty Teen doll. I'm still a bit doubtful though. Here's a photo of her when I took her head off.

What made the price really go down was her broken arm. When I found her before, her arm wasn't broken at all, but I guess because some customers' children play at the thrift store, her arm got mishandled. It's fine though because I wouldn't be able to get her cheap if her arm wasn't broken. 

Here's a photo of her face on the left, and a clone Betty Teen doll I have been keeping the whole time since I started collecting dolls this year. This clone doll has poor hair rooting (she has a big bald spot in the middle of her head), and her whole body is made of hard plastic because she's a doll on a bicycle. I didn't take a photo, but if you saw her body, it's just awful. Her thigh gap is so big because she has to ride her bicycle. I don't have her bike now or even know what it looks like. Her arms are forever in the biking position, and her knees are articulated loosely because she needs to pedal.

So I put budget Betty and clone Betty side by side. Wow. Clone Betty's features are more prominent. Even her nostrils are more defined. I still like budget Betty because of her glassy stare and her curls are just fun. I still haven't washed her hair because the curls are intact even though everything else is frizzy. I'll get to her soon.

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