Thursday, December 31, 2015

Burger King bobble head

(I posted this on my now private personal blog on September 11, 2014. Since I now have a toy blog, I'll post it here.)

Today I thrifted a Burger King bobble head for P10. I bought it because I feel that I could salvage it. It was stained with blue ink for a reason God knows what, and its stand is missing.

I used alcohol then an instant stain remover pen to see if I could get rid of the ink stains, but they barely worked. Then I remembered I have acetone because I keep a bottle in my nail polish kit. So I used it and to my surprise, the ink came off, but so did the paint on the plastic, LOL.

Anyway, some photos:

Burger King Touchdown King. An NFL 2006 memorabilia.

It's missing its stand so these pegs on its feet were useless at first. I couldn't make the figure stand up.

Fortunately I have a small tin lid lying around in my room.

I punctured it with my paring knife (the one I use to cut my Lush soaps) to make two small holes.

Now my bobble head can stand up, hey!

I used acetone to clean its crown because it was just stained with ink. Looks like some of the paint on the crown came off too.

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