Thursday, December 3, 2015

Chicz Girl dolls

I found a forum where my blog was linked, so I checked it out and saw this doll line. It's called Chicz Girl and it just freaked me out. Photos from the net:

Pic sources:

Their eyes... 0_0 They look even more stunned and vacant than Liv dolls.
I am frightened yet somewhat intrigued. I wonder if I could see this doll up close someday.

Not sure but this post, though not stated, gives me a feeling that it has reached Manila before.


  1. Yes these type of dolls have been sold here sometime maybe 4 years ago. There were clones also being sold at you know where...

    Actually I sold one which was used as sort of mascot in 2010 Asian Games as Lucky Doll.

    1. Thank you! I wouldn't know because I just started taking interest in fashion dolls this year!

  2. By, the way, the dolls' names are Natalie and Sofia.