Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Shopkins blind basket bootlegs

I caved in and bought bootlegs of the Shopkins blind basket to find out at least a part of its appeal through an imitation. I don't get Shopkins at all, but I like the miniature shopping bags and baskets, and the Shoe Dazzle Playset because it's super cute.

I picked one pink and one blue basket. I paid P25 each. Maybe I can get them much cheaper somewhere else but whatever.

The basket is covered with printed cardboard. It helps secure the toys inside because there's no plastic protecting the whole thing.

The paper is very important because the toys do not come in plastic bags so without it, the toys would obviously fall out. For the lack of plastic bags, you can take a look through the grills of the basket and get an idea of what you are getting.

On the side of the baskets is a printed logo of Shopkins. I noticed that the logo is quite fading and off to one side.

I made a comparison of the original baskets vs. the bootleg baskets. The Shopkins logo on the original baskets are moulded onto them, and it is placed in the mid-section of the basket.

Unfortunately the baskets are not stackable. But they do look great with fashion dolls because the scale is 1:6. The toys however aren't of the same scale. They look more like stuffed toys for dolls rather than the actual shop objects they represent.

These are the toys that I got and of course, I am disappointed because I still don't understand the appeal of Shopkins toys haha. I can recognize the blue one as a boot, but it looks really bad as one. And it looks like it's crying. The purple fellow beside the boot looks like a vegetable. Or is it? The two remaining toys look like they are bootlegs of Trash Pack toys. Very funny to include Trash Pack in a Shopkins bootleg.

The toys have a very bad paint job and the minute details are missing from the sculpt.

All the toys have a hole underneath. I tried using them as pencil toppers, but they just look so strange and might get mistaken for rubber erasers, so no. I took them off, haha.

So it seems I really only paid for the baskets, but it's OK because they look good and I enjoy miniature stuff.

/Here's a photo I took of the Shoe Dazzle Playset. Note that this is the real thing, NOT a bootleg. I really think it's adorable. I would love to have this one to show off the doll shoes I've collected so far. So cool.


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  2. bootlegs are fake they have ugly shopkins inside moose did not make them ebay always have fakes i think they are so cheap

    1. These are bootlegs so it's expected. These aren't as nice as the real deal.

  3. Replies
    1. Haha yeah but I just keep them because they might come in useful someday. They're quite squishy, unlike authentic Shopkins.