Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vi and Va bootleg

I was browsing today and found this bootleg of the Vi and Va dolls!

Bootlegs of Roxxi and Felicia from Vi and Va

It came from this ad:

I recognised them because of their toad eyes. But it's only the doll heads that seem to have been cloned. The body is made up of your generic Bratz torso and thin limbs.

And it's funny because the cardboard insert inside is about Ever After High dolls.

I don't like Vi and Va dolls because of their toad eyes. Very unsettling. But they have stubby feet which is refreshing to see in dolls these days. And they have fashion packs! I read on Tumblr that Vi and Va clothes fit Monster High dolls!


  1. I think they're interesting to have, I liked the skin tone of the blond one

    1. Her skin tone looks nice, now that you've mentioned it!