Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Shoe charms

At CDR-King I found some pens on sale. BOGO @ P10, what a deal!! I bought two pairs!

I don't immediately need pens because I have a lot at home, but what made me get 4 pens are the shoe charms attached to them.

At the store, I thought they just might fit my miniature dolls!

So... I tried these on them...

Rapunzel's feet can slide through the holes of the boots so I say it fits her.

Dawn's feet are too big for the holes, but I tried shaving off some of the plastic with a craft knife to make the holes a little bigger. I guess it worked.

I managed to put her feet through the holes, but you can tell by the shadow that she can only fill in half of the boots.

Anyway, I am just glad my miniature dolls have shoes now. Oh Rapunzel is still naked, sorry about that...


  1. Nice boots, danglers, charms and keychains are good source of dolly accessories ;-)

    1. Yeah that's why I'm always on the lookout for things like this. Lucky that I found these pens!