Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Disney Star Darlings

I found out about this doll line by watching Froggy's latest video of two of the dolls. (I assume she will be reviewing the rest on another video.) I checked them out here but there's not much to see:

Star darlings are a group of specials girls who go to an academy in a place called Starland and have been given a purpose to go to Earth and grant 12 special wishes.

I'm not really after the story, to be honest. I just like to look at their dolls, particularly this one:

Her name is Scarlet Starling and I think she is adorable with her tutu skirt and striped tights. And her colour scheme is pretty cool. Oh and she's the only doll in the line which is looking sideways! So typical of Disney princess dolls.

Here she is at the Disney Store and she is being sold for $29.95.

By the way I find it a little strange that there's also another doll in this line (Leona) with eyes that are looking up. I think their eyes positioned this way makes the doll a little less versatile. Here it is:

Don't these dolls remind you of Jems and the Holograms and Barbie Rock'n Royals? If you look up Star Darlings on Google, you will find art of 5 of the girls being in a band, so I thought they seem to be based on something I've already seen before...

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