Monday, November 2, 2015

Basket totes and more

Today at a grocery store, I found a bag of small candies and some doll basket totes. It was very cheap: P9.55. I bought one pack.

The basket totes are cute. They're made of plastic and are textured so they look like they are woven. The candy is crap. I ate two sticks and that's it. I'm just going to toss the rest in the trash.

I didn't buy the other bagged goodies I saw at the grocery. I saw other bags filled with the same candy and some doll shoulder bags but I don't like the design of the bags. I also saw another bag filled with candy and doll hair brushes and a lone bag filled with, yes, candy and some doll mugs. I didn't get the mugs either because I'm more interested in fashion items. And the handle of those mugs are not big enough so that a Barbie's hand can be inserted through it. so no, thanks.

By the way, here are some of the shoe charms I bought from CDR-King.

I have five pairs in total, I think. I have another dark pink pair and a green one, which Frankie is wearing and won't remove because the colour matches her lipstick, haha.

And I found these hair ties and I bought them for P10 each. Each hair tie comes with 2 top hat charms that I could just remove and use for my dolls.

Here they are together with my mini Rapunzel doll which I fixed with hot glue so her right leg cannot be moved anymore. I think I need to use some wires to make the top hats into headdresses.

Oh I thrifted this doll dress. I had no idea it's from 2011 Holiday Barbie:

I bought it for P75. Is it a good deal? I have no idea when it comes to Barbie...

I saw these at Landmark, btw, but note that I didn't purchase any.

These are made of tin so they're really sturdy and can be used for other things. Not sure about the scale but luggages are bulky anyway so they might look good with 12 inch fashion dolls.


  1. Lucky about the gown, fair enough for that price if it has no damage.

    1. The gold fabric has a few snags, but the snags are quite hidden because of the folds of the skirts. The green fabric is in good condition, but it retains creases.