Friday, November 6, 2015

Finally! A Liv Doll!

I found a Liv doll at the thrift store. Sophie, to be exact. She's not in the best condition (fading paint job on her hair and lips, lots of scratch marks on her body, her right leg hinge is a bit loose) but she's still functional and quite cheap for P100! I didn't buy a wig for her because the thrift store had new arrival stuff and the price is a bit jacked up. They were asking for P50 for the wig I found so I said no. That's because a couple of months ago, I found a Liv wig over there and they were asking P35 for it plus the wig holder but because I didn't have a Liv doll back then, I didn't buy it. So I know they can give me a lower price if the wig has been there for a long time. But no worries, because I have three Monster High Create-A-Monster wigs. Although the pegs of the CAM wigs are so different from the Liv wig's, I was able to use one of them because I just jammed the wig peg through the head hole. It has to be the wig with the bangs. Later I will provide photos to show you what I mean.

OK I still find Liv doll eyes to be a bit frightening. The look of a Liv doll is so stunned, I'm not so comfortable with the way it looks, but I love the Liv doll's articulation. It's so posable!!

I have more stuff to post, but I've been so busy lately. I've been meaning to post all the photos I took so I can clean up my phone and laptop. See you soon!

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