Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Doll hunting (Authentic and Bootleg dolls!)

Some photos of dolls while I was out and about:

Rochelle Goyle from the Monster High Freak Du Chic playset!

Monster High Adult Collector Draculaura! I don't know how to feel about all the embroidery, to be honest. And her inset eyes are unsettling to me, I don't know why. (/Oops those eyes are just painted, not inset. The painting style fooled me, ha!)

A bootleg Ever After High Madeline Hatter! Me not like! It's not articulated very well!

Bootleg Ever After High Raven Queen and *fake surprise* Madeline Hatter.

Another bootleg Ever After High Madeline Hatter and Apple White.

A bootleg Bratz doll with masks.

A big-headed doll from a doll line called Belle. I was thinking of getting this one because it's fully articulated and the big head is quite amusing.

A birthday party set from the Belle doll line again. I think the package is full of crap because it's mostly paper. In reality, you're only getting a few items from the box.

This is what I'd like to call a deluxe birthday party set from Belle again. You're getting some balloons, a birthday cake and a slice of cake in this set.

WOW bootleg Cutie Pops. I didn't even think they'd be copied too! I don't plan to buy this because it's expensive for a bootleg and this is such a top-heavy doll. If it doesn't come with a stand, it's going to be a challenge to display them specially if they are wearing a great free-flowing dress!


  1. So they're cutie pops, another amusing clone.

    1. Yup, but the clone body here is styled after MH dolls but with Barbie feet. I've seen a Cutie Pops body before. They don't have articulation on the arms, if I remember correctly. I just know they are different from MH body.