Sunday, December 6, 2015

Shopkins Shoppies dolls

I saw this doll line online a while back. It's called Shopkins Shoppies and basically these are human companions to the living shop items of the Shopkins world.

This is Bubbleisha and her outfit was designed after bubblegum.

This is Jessicake. Yup, cake.

If I have to choose among all three dolls, I'll choose this one. This is Popette and she's named and designed after popcorn. Her name reminds me of the French word for doll which is poupée.

I think this is the most adorable and interesting doll out of the bunch because her hair and her design do remind me of popcorn.

All their faces look stunned or happy, take a pick. And their bodies are not posable so that's just a bummer.

I haven't seen these in Manila at all. Perhaps it's just for US release because I only found these photos from the American Toys R Us website.

/I looked up Shoppies on Tumblr and found photos of the newest Shoppies doll which is Peppa-Mint, but her stock photo is not yet available online. She's a Season 2 doll:


There's also Donatina (named after donuts) that comes with a full play set called Donatina's Donut Delights. The doll doesn't look stunned like the rest of them. Hmm.

It's an upcoming play set so there's not much information about this either.

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