Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Coffin doll backpack

I was bored so I thought of making a test bag for my doll. I saw this video beforehand:

It's not a functional backpack but a decorative one which is good because I don't plan to make any doll sized accessories to put in the bag anytime soon.

The backpack size is for Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) so I had to modify it to Monster High or fashion doll size. I also changed the shape of the bag into a coffin because... Monster High.

Foam sheet
Scrap fabric
Thin ribbon
Hot glue

I made it with four layers of cardboard. The LPS backpack tutorial only required three.

And the fabric is from... dun dun duuuuun... an old underwear. Hahaha.

Here is Maddie Right Legs wearing the backpack. I know the coffin design doesn't match her aesthetic, actually any Ever After High character for that matter, but she is the one I grabbed for fitting.

The hair gets in the way, and the ribbon is a little loose on her probably because of her size.

A pic of Maddie just for fun. She's wearing a Daiso waitress outfit and shoes from charms I bought from CDR-King. Some parts of her hair has become frizzy but I haven't restyled her hair yet because most of her curly locks are still intact.

I still kinda hate myself for not being able to make proper clothes for Maddie so she is still wearing this Daiso outfit. Someday, someday...

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