Saturday, December 5, 2015

Moxie Girlz Avery doll

I found a nude Moxie Girlz Avery doll in good condition at the thrift store! I had to pay a little extra because I got dibs on her as she was part of the new arrival stuff. 

I'm currently fixing her hair. I didn't take pictures of her before washing her because her hair was a curly mess. It was manageable though and most of the curls were intact.

I still want her to have curls so I whipped out the hair curlers I only use for my dolls.

I wasn't really planning to buy her. When I found her at a rack, she was missing a shoe, a pink Mary Jane, but then when I rummaged some of the bins at the store, I found the missing shoe so thought to myself, This is a sign! I must bring her home!

Not sure what kind of Avery doll this is. I tried to identify her online before I washed her and my bet would be the Alice in Wonderland doll. Well, I hope so. But it seems that the look of all the blonde Avery dolls do not vary so it's no big deal, I guess.

I paid P180 for her. I was supposed to pay P200 but I joined the store's membership on the spot and got the 10% discount.

I guess I've held off of joining the store's membership because I wasn't sure at first if I'd be coming back to that store frequently. But it seems that I do, so for 2016, I'm going to be ready. Haha.

By the way, I've only tried dressing her up in Takara clothes and they fit all right. In fact, the aesthetic of Licca-chan's clothes fit Avery's appearance very well, and even though some Licca skirts are a bit short on her, she still look modest in them. I haven't tried dressing her up in Barbie clothes yet.

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