Thursday, December 31, 2015

2016 To Do List

I really don't like the term 'New Year's resolution' because whenever I hear it, I just think of failures and unfulfilled promises, haha. I thought it would be much more practical to call it a To Do list because first, I like making lists like this, and it calls me to action because once I do something, then it's finally accomplished and I can cross it off my list.

This is going to be long. Roughly three more hours and it's already 2016. I should take time for this entry.
  • Post more entries on this blog. What I mean by this is I should post all those things I've kept from posting because I haven't made time, or continue what I started.
  • Document my toy purchases much quicker. My blog is a means for me to remember what I did when I did them. It's also a way for me to track down my expenses. I think I started collecting dolls back in March or April this year and already lost count of my expenses for them, which is kinda sad. I think tracking my expenses would also help me slow down in buying, because I keep saying to myself that I still have to customise my thrifted dolls to stop myself from buying more, but I haven't even started with most of them!
  • Photograph all my toys in once place. Photograph all my collections. Photograph each toy. This is easier said than done because my room is a mess and I'm in the process of moving out.
  • Take better photos. The thing is it's not really a big deal for me that I only use my iPhone and occasionally my webcam for taking pictures. I like mobile photography, thank you very much. I'm that kind of person that just needs a photograph of one thing without really thinking very much into the technicality of angles, rule of thirds, lighting, etc. But I know there's room for improvement.
    • I can use a better camera. My sister gave me a standalone camera and I know the quality of photos taken by that camera would be much better than what I take with my iPhone, but I haven't used that because I don't have an SD card dedicated for that camera, and a card reader that I can use on my Macbook. 
    • I can set up a better backdrop. I don't have a particular place where I photograph my toys but when I move, I can probably set up a light box at my new place, or just use pleasant looking backdrops like scrapbook paper or gift wrapping paper.
  • Sew and craft more. I'm doing this little by little. I haven't even taken photos of the shoes I made for my MH dolls, haha.
    • Customise ALL the dolls I have. Most of them should have to be in clothing that I won't take off from them anymore. An example is my Hit Girl doll.
  • Make a decent shoe rack for my doll shoes. I don't know why but I've always wanted a shoe rack for the shoes I have specially when I saw that Shopkins playset. I'm thinking of copying a good looking furniture I see online and translating that to 1:6 scale. I already bought tacky adhesive so I can use them for this purpose, haha.
  • Be more open to recycling. This would help me a lot in crafting and saving money. Blogging about recycling materials for art projects would definitely motivate to do it more often.
That's all I can think of at this point. Happy New Year!

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