Monday, June 29, 2015

Monster High and Ever After High new releases!

Man, what has happened within the week? All those new photo releases from Mattel have made collectors crazy about these doll lines. I'm not even referring to the SDCC exclusives, or the new Freak du Chic or Boo York, Boo York lines of Monster High, or Way Too Wonderland line of Ever After High. I'm talking budget lines, new doll lines, mermaids, centaurs, new characters, 17-inch dolls, the works!!

I'll talk about them later in much detail and with photos because I'm in a hurry, but I want to list them all before I forget!

Monster High:
  • Budget line - no elbow articulation
  • Ghoul's Getaway doll line
  • Great Scarrier Reef doll line
  • 17-inch dolls Frankie Stein, Draculaura and Clawdeen Wolf - probably old news, but still
  • Frightmares
  • I even read somewhere that there's a new two-pack for Slo-Mo and Ghoulia Yelps found in Toys 'R Us Australia.
  • There's also that five-pack with Draculaura looking like a bootleg, hahahahaha.

Ever After High:
  • Budget line - no elbow articulation, sculpted tops
  • Heartstruck C.A. Cupid
  • Royally Ever After Apple White
  • Dragon Games doll line, and with it comes new characters!
  • 17-inch doll Madeline Hatter - so many things are different from the regular doll, and the body is modelled after Monster High

All these happened within a week, I'm serious.

/Adding some new information. They probably didn't come out this week, but it's still new so...

Monster High:
Geek Shriek doll line wave 2

Ever After High:
TriCastleOn doll line

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