Saturday, June 27, 2015

Doll clothes haul

I went to Circle C at Congressional Avenue a couple of days ago and thought I'd pass by the toy stores while I'm there. I finally snapped some photos here.

This stall is called Kids Collection and is located at the second floor. This is where I found the bootleg Ever After High dolls. There are actually two types of bootleg EAH dolls. The first type is the one with no articulation on the elbows, wrists and knees. The second type is the one with the Monster High body. I don't recommend either because the hair and the dresses they are wearing are just poorly made.

This is near Kids Collection. The stall is called Vivo Citi and if you look closer inside, you would see glass display cabinets filled with toys. The doll clothes I wanted to check out are actually not in display. You will have to ask the nice lady manning the store to tell you where the bag of doll clothes are. I figured I would just buy tops and bottoms that day.

My haul. I particularly liked the striped halter top because even though it's quite big for the dolls I used for fitting (I think it might fit vintage busty Barbies though), the colours are vibrant and I could actually pull the straps from the neck all the way to the back and tuck them in to make a tight top. Quite a versatile piece.

I also liked the shorts with the pink belt. It's pretty cute. It doesn't fit the Barbies I had because of their wide hips but it did fit my Cinderella doll (Simba Toys).

I picked up the skirt because I thought it's a versatile piece, but as a skirt, it looks off. Maybe I'm tying it around the waist the wrong way? I also tried to make a top out of it, but I didn't like how it looked. It may work as a cape, but why would I need a cape??!

The red underwear set and the yellow halter didn't have a nice fit. I'm quite disappointed.

The black capri pants and fatigue maxi skirt are pretty cool. The pants have a heart design on each side and the maxi skirt is actually a high waist skirt and fits Barbies very well. The blue tank top looks sporty to me. Must be because of the cut and the stretch material used.

I'm not keeping the clothes though. I'm giving them to my niece. This is probably the last time I will buy doll clothes. Next time I'll make them myself.


  1. Interesting store huh?! Never been to Circle, those are not original 2nd hand Barbs outfit?

    1. Most do not fit well, but the skirt is definitely Barbie. It has a tag.