Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Thrifting Barbie Clothes

One time I was at Circle C Mall at Congressional Avenue and went to this toy store I know but didn't find anything I like so I stepped out and looked at more shops. I found a nearby stall that had lots of toys on display in glass cases: figurines, dolls, collectible items, etc. I don't collect Barbies but I'm giving some old ones to my niece. They were naked so at first I thought of giving them as it is, but when I found this stall and asked the sales attendant (I'm assuming she's the shop owner herself but I didn't ask) if she is selling Barbie clothes, she showed me 2 bags of doll dresses. 

The small outfits such as underwear, shirts, small jackets and shorts are P30 each, while the ball gowns and dresses are P50 each. I went through her stuff, and learned upon inspection that some clothes with white fabric have stains on them, but that didn't stop me to pick up this short white uniform that reminds me of pilots. There's also this top I found that reminds me of the navy. It's made of denim or quite thick fabric and it has a sailor collar and a necktie. I also bought a one-shoulder white dress with poofy fabric on the skirt, very simple and basic, and this pink halter dress. I realised too late that the halter strap is broken. It must be missing some velcro strips, but when I put it on one of the dolls I'm about to give away, I just used a safety pin to secure the straps around the doll's neck.

My purchases totalled to P150 (I guess the sales attendant is indeed the shop owner because it seems she gave me a P10 discount right away if you do the math), and when I went home to fit the clothes on the dolls, I knew I made the right choice with the "pilot" uniform because even if it looks a little dirty, it's still a decent outfit. I shall take pictures of them soon. I didn't take pictures then because I had to shove the dolls I fitted back in their plastic bag right away. I was in a hurry because I was leaving town for a while.

I'm sorry, I didn't catch the name of the stall, but it's at the 2nd floor of Circle C Mall and pretty near the escalator. If you turn right from the escalator, the stall will be on your left. What led me to the stall is this other stall in the front with Shopkins items (must be bootlegs because the paint job is not that nice) then I looked farther and saw that particular stall with the glass cases and all.

I figured the lady who assisted me knows her toy stuff pretty well because she knew that Licca stuff are rare, but she pronounced Licca as Like-ah and not Lee-kah which made me think otherwise, lol. She also mentioned going to Toy Con and how she can get in for free. I don't know why but perhaps it's because she bought a space there.

Speaking of Toy Con, I haven't bought a ticket yet, but I think there's no need to hurry because tickets will also be sold at the gate. I don't really know what I want to get out of Toy Con. I've never been to one but I've been to Komikon twice so I know there will be booths and everything. I'd probably look at the dolls and second hand stuff and skip the action figures and cars, if ever. Thinking about all the naked dolls I still have to customise will probably hold me back from buying things I do not need, haha.

Oh they have a contest for doll customisation. Maybe for fun I can enter my doll, haha. OK I'll go on the 20th.


  1. Well, good luck on your entry.
    I hope you can post pic of your dress haul ;-P

    1. Thank you!
      I will make another post for the dress haul!