Friday, June 12, 2015

Bratz Fashion Pixiez Pixie Friends

I found these two at a thrift store but I didn't get them because the cashier was asking for P65 per doll. NO.

When I looked this up, I found out that these aren't standalone dolls. They're actually companion pixie friends for Bratz Fashion Pixiez dolls. Here are pics of the Yasmin and Cloe dolls with their respective pixie friends:

I think the small dolls are more interesting than the regular dolls in this line. I particularly like their painted legs.

Speaking of Bratz, I found this at our garage:

See, my stepmom sends care packages from America and at one point she sent some secondhand toys to my niece who used to live here at home. I think this is her reject? Haha.

I found out that the head is from a Bratz Babyz Mermaidz doll.

Lots of Z's on the name, eh? But the body is not original. It says "Toy Century" on the back. I think it must be from a tiny vinyl doll similar to these:

I transplanted the head to a headless doll body (a knockoff Barbie) but the neck hole of the head just isn't a good fit to the neck of the body at all. I just used another doll body, this time a Barbie, and with its plastic peg missing.

Betty Boop, is that you???!

The skin tones do not match but I don't care anymore!

I also cleaned, brushed and curled the hair because it was so messy and awful. This is the best I could do without using boiling water.

The blue dress is from a Disney Cinderella doll made by Simba Toys. 

Pic from Ebay

I actually have the doll. It's another one of those dolls in the care package. I figured I could part ways with the blue dress because I plan to customise the doll anyway, so off with the dress!

I'll give away this doll with a new head to another niece.


  1. Nice experiment, they do fit together (bratz head and barbie sized body)
    The Pixiez are cute, thrift store toys are getting expensive these days.

    1. Yeah I thought it would look ridiculous but it did remind me of Betty Boop so I guess it worked, but the neck hole is still pretty big for it. If you could see in one of the pics above, the neck hole has a bigger hole to secure the head very well to the original body.

  2. Yes, i noticed that. Some dolls I see with transplanted head would often slide down up to the base of the neck if they dont fit correctly (like holes bigger than the neck, or the neck being thin, etc)