Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back From Toy Con

It was my first time to go to Toy Con yesterday and it was pretty exhausting and nerve-wracking.

First, I'm not going to join their contest again because it gave me stress and cost me a lot of time waiting and waiting. Once is enough just so I could find out how it goes. I went there with very low expectation that I'm going to win, I knew I wasn't, but I was still scared. And it turns out my feeling is appropriate because the other entries were amazing and mine is amateur work, haha. So to forget this memory, I hid my once-prized doll custom in my closet. I have to move forward and work on new projects which I will not enter to any contests anymore because it just ruins my outlook on what I do. haha. #semibitter

Next, OK I know the food is expensive inside, I should have walked out of there to dine at the food court or anywhere else, but I was hungry and didn't want to walk outside the convention, for some reason. Anyway, I regret buying lunch there because it was not good. THE SWEET AND SOUR FISH FILLET was so bland. :( Say no to dishes with weak looking sauce.

The crowd, the big crowd. What did I expect, a walk in the park? I just don't understand though why some people would bring their babies inside, stroller and everything. It's so humid inside, you might as well put your baby's head through a plastic bag, eh?

I'm not into cosplay but I caught a glimpse of the cosplay performances. I think the one wearing the Antman costume was pretty awesome because his costume lit up. Also I didn't know that Liui Aquino was there. I only saw him when he was already being escorted out of the convention. He was wearing his Hiro Hamada flight suit.

Pretty cool that I found some Ever After High dolls in the gallery, but no Monster High dolls? What! Among the vendor booths I only found two that sell Monster High and Ever After High dolls. The first one I found has overpriced stuff. The other one was on full force with their MH and EAH stock, it was amazing. I talked to the seller and it turns out that the guy and the girl in the booth are siblings and run the business on their own. I mentioned Gooliope Jellington, the newest and largest MH doll so far and I think they will get her soon. They're likely getting stocks of the Freak du Chic and Boo York Boo York lines, too. Their cheapest dolls that I found at their booth were the Dance Class Robecca Steam and a Howleen Wolf (I don't remember the line, probably Dance Class, too). They are priced at P600 which is very cheap compared to the lowest offering Landmark, Toys 'R Us and Toy Kingdom have which is P800. I wanted to buy Robecca but given that I have a lot of thrifted Monster High dolls that are still nude, I decided not to get her. It's also nice to see the EAH dolls so up close like Kitty Chesire. Her smile is adorable! Here they are on Facebook. Their About page is pretty interesting:

There was another seller selling an articulated doll body but they were asking P3,500 for it. And the doll clothes they were selling were very pricey too, like one attire was priced P350, what. There was another booth selling second-hand Barbies and small Lala Loopsy dolls for P300 and P200 respectively and they come in clear plastic bags. Nope.

My haul is pretty pathetic, but I wasn't planning to spend much anyway. I only bought a Toy Con 015 lanyard (P40) and a pair of action figure replacement hands (P50). I know they are man hands but I thought I could use them for a doll I'm working on because body part replacements are hard to come by. This particular booth where I got the hands were also selling doll body suits and kimonos. My kind of shop, but not for my kind of doll, haha. They make me want to invest on a sewing machine. Here is their Facebook page:

This girl at the Flipgeeks booth has the cutest and vibrant art at the convention! Her calling card had her art on it, I had to get one.

All my photos are not yet synced to my Facebook. Here are some to tide you over to my next Toy Con post:

The pair of plastic hands I bought. I haven't compared them yet to the Abbey Bominable hand I found attached to a Create A Monster doll I thrifted, but they're definitely huge for a 12-inch fashion doll. They look like baseball mittens, haha.

Alodia (right) and her sister Ashley at their booth. I don't know what was bugging her sister. She looked so disinterested.

Alodia being escorted to a secret passageway out of the convention. Though she was heavily guarded during her exit, I managed to get this close to her because I was well-behaved, lol.

I didn't know Liui was also there so I didn't manage to get a good shot of him. His suit was pretty awesome.

So my regrets were really joining the contest and eating the food inside the convention, but everything else was all right. I feel really icky about buying new toys when I can find secondhand toys at a thrift store for a cheap price,such as my Monster High dolls, but when the next Toy Con comes, I might feel otherwise, who knows!


  1. Where is your entry? I didn't go coz of the entrance fee...he he. And besides, I don't want to be tempted again ;-)

    1. I'll make a post soon about my other pics. I didn't take a pic of my doll up close when it was on display. I was so embarrassed, lol.