Friday, June 12, 2015

Madeline's two right legs

My Madeline leg transplant is already done a week ago.

Now she has two right legs, hehe. There are incisions on her left thigh, but I filled in the gaps with paper clay. It hardened in time but it is very noticeable because my paper clay is white.

My sister gave me her acrylic paints from her college days. I noticed she didn't have white paint, so I bought a new tube. Then I mixed some paint and tried to match Maddie's skin color. I painted on the paper clay and now it's not as noticeable as before.

It doesn't bother me that Maddie looks like this. Soon I'll be able to make clothes for her and her thighs will definitely be hidden.

Beside her is a pair of clogs I made with paper clay. It turned out to be a failure. The part that covers the toes cracked when I tried to remove Ghoulia's feet from the clay. Oh well, it was done on the first time. Lots of things to take note when I try to make shoes next time.


  1. Wow Maddie must be so thankful that it was you who found her! It takes a lot of patience and not to mention the luxury of time just to fix a broken doll. Paper clay? I never heard of that...;-P

    1. Oh thank you, haha just wanted to complete her.

      I bought paper clay from National (P99).