Sunday, June 21, 2015

Care Package

This is my doll package for my niece.

All of these dolls are from the care package from America which I mentioned here. The yukata is from the daiso haul which I posted here. The clothes I will be talking about next were mentioned here. I thrifted them at Circle C Mall.

First outfit:

This sailor (?) top. I paired it with a denim skirt.

It has yellow stains on the sailor collar, but it's OK.

This pilot (?) uniform.

It has yellow stains, too.

This one-shoulder white dress.

It's yellowish, too.

This pink halter dress.

The neck strap is broken.

I secured it with a safety pin because I didn't feel motivated to fix it anymore, haha.

Next time I will be posting the other items I'll be giving to my niece together with these dolls.

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