Saturday, May 30, 2015

Elly-chan's Yukatas

At Daiso I found these yukatas for Elly-chan, Daiso's very own plastic doll. They were on sale so I hoarded all 7 yukatas on display.

I asked the cashier if there were more in stock the day before and she said yes, but some dude hoarded them too, and she mentioned that there were also seifukus. Oh well.

At the back of the packaging it says it can't be worn by other dolls, but of course being the badass that I am (lmao), I tried some of them on 3 of my thrifted and armless Monster High dolls.

That's Clawdeen Wolf, Operetta, and poor C.A. Cupid with a bad hair cut!

The hemline of the yukatas should reach the ankles of the dolls but for MH dolls, they are very short. They also tend to show their ~vajayjay when I sit them down so I have to keep tucking the fabric in between their legs to cover them modestly.

I must say, I really wouldn't pay full price for these yukata fashion packs. They're cute and all, but if you know how to sew, these are very easy to replicate. The geta sandals seem bendy but durable for plastic shoes but they 1) are too small, 2) can't be worn because of the joined toes of most dolls, if not all, in this scale. Throwaway? Probably not because they're still cute. I mean, they're miniature shoes, for crying out loud.

Regardless, I like these clothes on them. The long sleeves hide their missing arms (Cupid has her right forearm and hand intact though) and even if the geta sandals do not fit them, they can go barefoot anyway since it's also traditional to wear yukatas without any footwear.

The next day, I went back to get the room dresses left on display. There were only two left and I didn't hesitate anymore to buy them, too. I put one on Lagoona Blue for size and it was too loose, but it's nothing a loom band keeping the dress straps together at the back can't fix.


  1. MH dolls "for me" really looked like they're the monster version of.....Bratz! I didn't really know these robes are called Yukatas until you mentioned it in my blog. I thought they were just kimono. Despite being armless, they're still nice find.

    1. Yukata is a summer kimono. I think it is mentioned on the packaging. I should have more posts about MH dolls soon because I've collected more armless ones, haha.