Sunday, May 31, 2015

Some work in progress

I'm actually working on a number of projects. I tend to get bored or unmotivated to work on the same thing over and over so I jumpstart other projects I have in mind. It takes me a while but I'd rather work like this and still be inspired and motivated, than push myself to finish just one project yet produce half-assed results because I rushed things out of boredom.

Anyway, here are some things I thought I'd work on tonight.

I decided to make shoes for Ghoulia Yelps (She has no forearms and hands when I got her). I used paper clay and it took a lot of moulding and smoothing to shape the clay around her feet. I wrapped her feet with cling wrap beforehand. I think I should have also dabbed some petroleum jelly afterwards so that it would be much more convenient to get the shoes off of her feet once they're dry, but nah. Maybe I can wing it.

Madeline Hatter doesn't have a left leg when I found her, but on a different occasion I found another Madeline Hatter with a missing left leg, so what I did is I removed the remaining leg from the second Maddie and I plan to insert it in the first Maddie. I don't mind Maddie with two right legs as long as I can complete her, haha. (If you are wondering what happened to the second Maddie, I transplanted her head to a Cleo de Nile body.)

I will use paper clay to fill in the gaps of my incisions on Maddie's thigh, so paper clay is just so useful for me. It can get messy at times especially when I use lots of water to soften the clay though.

I wish I have a small drill, a pin vise perhaps, so that my transplant could be done much easier or faster, but I only have a craft knife at the moment. Last time I just burnt off the stuck plastic peg from the broken leg of my other dolls, but it took a very long while to get it done. Oh well. I'll just keep on slicing and slicing until I get that damn peg out. I don't think I can finish it today because I have to wake up early tomorrow!

I got both dolls from a thrift store. In fact I think I was very lucky to find two Madeline Hatters because Ever After High dolls are not even sold in toy stores here in Manila.


  1. I didn't know Ever After High Dolls exist, interesting body structure. You must have a lot of patience doing these types of projects, not to mention, time! Ghoulia is beautiful!

    1. Thank you 2d for dropping by! Madeline Hatter is a shorter than the normal Ever After High doll, but she's definitely much wider than MH dolls! I like working on stuff, finding out which works and which doesn't. In fact, the shoes I made crumbled, haha, but I'll probably figure something out to make shoes.