Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why of course, the hello world post!

Ah another blog! I intend to publish posts about toys on this blog though (I'm used to post a lot of random crap or about movies on, hence the title of this blog. I have a lot of blog posts in mind so I started one. I think I should go with this one for my first post.

Winx Club Magical Glamour Flora doll

(Remind me to put more effort in taking better pictures. I just used a webcam for this one.)

Yesterday I was at my local mall's department store when I found these Winx Club dolls. They were on sale (Buy One Get One, YAAAAAAAS). Look, I'm not really a fan of Winx Club. I think they're just weird-looking dolls. Their waist is so slim, their upper body is very short, and their hips are very much suitable for child-bearing, seriously. But I heard that my niece would love to have dolls of her own, so I thought of her when I bought these using the points from the loyalty card I have. I plan to give one to that particular niece, and the other doll to another niece. I know my other niece is into Hello Kitty, but dolls? I'm not so sure, so I'll give it a try. But both of them have to wait until Christmas or New Year. Yep, I won't give these to them just yet!

So on to the introduction:
Hello, I'm Jamie and I live in Manila, Philippines. I like toys. I'm not a serious collector, but I have my own small collections and stuff. I like thrifting toys (I'm quite picky), and I can be quite crafty at times. Recently I've been into doll customisations and customised my first doll this year. I'll soon post stuff about my toy finds, my doll customs or crafting projects, stuff I've seen while out and about or online, and other musings and rants I have about toys.

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