Sunday, June 7, 2015

Novi Stars Ari Roma

Today I found this alien doll:

I knew right away that this is a Novi Stars doll, but who it is, I had no idea. I had no interest in Novi Stars doll before, but when I found her, I thought she was so pretty with all the glitter and the big curly hair, I just had to buy her. I actually found her with no arms at all, but I rummaged through the bin where I saw her from and found her right arm! Because she is broken, I was able to get her for a good price!

This is how the doll should look like:

Mine is missing its air helmet, and of course the left arm. She is also missing a few eyelashes probably from rough child's play. I also found her very long side bangs so frizzy and unruly, that I just had to cut it off to size so I could tuck it into her ponytail at the back. During the process I've accidentally de-rooted some strands so there are two holes on the side of her head, but because there's so much going on in her hair, it's not that noticeable.

I initially thought that the vinyl yellow top she's wearing is actually clear and that it has yellowed due to exposure to sunlight but I was wrong. And that tiny friend (pet?) she has, I didn't find her in the bin with her. To be honest, if I found the friend, I wouldn't know it's with Ari Roma and I would have left it at the store.

Her head just pops right off. It reminds me of the neck pegs from the Monster High Create-A-Monster doll line. I washed the whole head but didn't wash the rest of her body though because I fear that her glitter might get removed by water, so I just sprayed some rubbing alcohol all over it, haha.

I actually plan to give her new arms. I might just hack off some Barbie forearms because they have the perfect length. I could cut off Barbie's pinkie fingers so that it would match Ari's 4 finger-hands. I also have some purple glitter and Mod Podge to decorate them. The colour of the glitter will definitely not match her pink body glitter, but it will match her hair colour so I know it will work.

She didn't come with a doll stand, by the way. She's actually standing on a paper spike and I secured her on the hip with a purple loom band.

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