Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lottie dolls

I don't like the face and body of Lottie dolls that much, but their outfits are so cute!!
/My opinion of Lottie dolls have changed since then. Lottie is now one of my favourite dolls to photograph.

Autumn Leaves Lottie

Muddy Puddles Lottie

School Days Lottie

These remind me of Licca-chan but they're actually of a shorter built. Still, I can't shake off the feeling that it's a take on the Licca-chan doll. Example:

English Country Garden Lottie

Kindergarten Teacher Licca-chan

I mean, come on now. This can't possibly be a coincidence.

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  1. It's a copycat! Ha ha ha, but well...the outfits are really nice though. Supposing I'm a little girl (who does not know Licca) and someone made me choose between the two, I am inclined to pick Lottie.

    1. It's the outfits that drew me in. They're really good coordinates and definitely child-friendly.