Sunday, June 28, 2015

My poor doll

I found my doll custom on this Flickr album. I believe the owner is the program director of the convention? Not sure. I saw him before for a company event at my old workplace and he took photos of us employees and our CEO.

Toycon Philippines 2015 - day 2

His full album of Toy Con Day 2:

I will not join this contest next time because I am not worthy. I mean, look at this. Or this. Dead...

I still have some photos to post from this event. Soon.


  1. Hi! So this is your entry, not bad considering it's your first time. I liked the color combination, except for the plaid skirt?

    1. The plaid skirt is part of Hit Girl's uniform. I couldn't find any purple plaid fabric so I dyed a different coloured plaid fabric with purple ink. Here's my basis for the outfit: