Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fairy Tale High

I read about this toy line from the Toy Box Philosopher and it made me curious.

Fairy Tale High dolls are dolls based on storybooks but are dressed up in modern day clothing supposedly appropriate for high school. To me it's definitely a parody and a total ripoff of the Disney princesses, which is a big demerit (heh) for this line.

Here is an early version of this doll line. It was called Fairy Tale Academy back then.

Teen Cinderella's and Teen Sleeping Beauty's outfits look very similar, down to the head phones. Teen Rapunzel looks like she's about to ride horses. Teen Tinker Bell dresses like a toddler. Teen Alice is gym ready and Teen Little Mermaid's outfit is too shiny for school, I believe.

Here is the next doll art for this line, but it had been named to Fairy Tale High, which is quite similar to the doll line names Monster High and Ever After High.

I think Teen Alice's clothes and look is the most school appropriate, while Teen Snow White's and Teen Cinderella's are true to the colours used by the Disney princesses. Teen Belle's outfit is still a mess for me, and Teen Little Mermaid and Teen Rapunzel don't really look like they're going to school in these coordinates. They must be playing hooky to attend a party, perhaps. Fish net stockings for school? Really?

The art reminds me of Once Upon A Zombie. I mean, look at Teen Tinker Bell's face! I looked it up online and found out that this was drawn by The Toon Studio of Beverly Hills, the one that also created the OUAZ art: That explains it.

Here is the updated doll art; this time it's found on the official website: There is music on auto-play. You have been warned.

Most of them look older, especially Teen Rapunzel! And I forgot to mention the drab makeup. Purple makeup on everything. Geez.

And here is all of the dolls in one photo:

OK now I see the resemblance to Winx Club dolls. I think the creator of these dolls is so confused about what identity they want their dolls to have. It's such a fusion of the most popular doll lines out there and quality has been pushed aside, unfortunately. I read reviews about the dolls. Most say the articulation is not that good. Even the hair is poorly made, even though the rooting is generous.

My first pick from this line was Teen Cinderella. Her transparent shoes!! And I thought her art was pretty cute, but the blue streaks aren't even that striking on her hair. Teen Snow White grew on me eventually after I've seen photos of her on Tumblr. Teen Alice's hair is limp. Maybe adding volume to her hair from restyling will make her look better.

Just say no to Teen Rapunzel that looks like she's about to suffocate. Yuck.

I read that this line has been discontinued and it went on clearance in stores in America for as low as $5 to $10. I'd probably get Teen Snow White if I were to pick a doll at the store, but since it's such a ripoff of the Disney princesses, why not just dress up your Disney doll in modern clothing?

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  1. Looked like Winx, but the eyes reminded me of Moxy dolls