Saturday, June 27, 2015

Zombie Princess bootleg body transplant

I found this Once Upon A Zombie bootleg a while back.

As you can see, it's only the face that is worth seeing here. The body it came with is just your generic doll bootleg body with thin legs and odd looking feet. What I like about OUAZ dolls is the articulation and this bootleg is missing that.

Here are the other dolls I managed to photograph months before they were finally taken off the shelves at Toy Kingdom.

After Rapunzel, I particularly like Cinderella (the zombie in pink and yellow dress) but I only had a budget for one doll. And at the time I bought Rapunzel, the dolls were priced at around P330. When these were on clearance, they were sold at P150 or P200 and all stocks left were probably moved to SM Hypermarket because that was where I saw the marked down dolls.

Anyway, I still want to modify my bootleg. One time I picked up a Frozen Elsa body at the thrift store. Someone pulled off Elsa's head off of the body and bought it on its own. I know because at one point I was haggling with the cashier for the full doll. But even without a head, I still wanted to get the body because it has articulation on the elbows, knees and ankles. The only problem is that the hands are missing.

But remember that I picked up some spare action figure hands at Toy Con. I thought the hands would work on the doll body even though they are quite big.

I actually shaved the pegs of the hands to size beforehand.

I placed the bootleg near the Elsa body. The Elsa body is rosy and pale in comparison to the bootleg.

I decided to paint the Elsa body and hands with acrylic paint. I tried my best to match the colour. Then I sealed everything with Mod Podge. This is the outcome:

When dressed, this is how the doll looks like now:

I think she is ready for Halloween!


  1. I have not opened my rapunzel yet, LOL so that's how she looked like when naked! The hands are scary...he he he

    1. If the body is like this, maybe you should keep her in the box for a while, haha.