Friday, August 21, 2015

Ever After High 17 inch Extra Tall Madeline Hatter

I just finished watching Ever After High's Way Too Wonderland and enjoyed it very much so. I love Lizzie Heart's relationship with her mother. I love Apple White being open to following one's heart instead of following blindly what is written in the storybook. I love Raven Queen's ability to use her newfound powers for good instead of evil. And... I love how Madeline Hatter just got taller!

Pre-SDCC, this photo of Maddie as a 17-inch doll was leaked.

At first some people thought this was fake, but I didn't! It just makes sense that Mattel creates a tall doll from Ever After High when they've already released a 17-inch Monster High doll in the form of Gooliope Jellington!

Pros: She's more articulated than the regular doll, just like Gooliope. And it's Maddie, that's always a pro for me! For doll custom makers, she will be easy to handle because there's more working space on her.

Cons: Her body is a Monster High type so she's very slim. Her outfit seems to be less detailed which is a bit of a downer because part of her regular doll's charm is how much detail is packed in a small doll body (Maddie is actually of a smaller built than the other Ever After High dolls). Her stockings are painted on, I think. And in the story, she is a little shorter than this. She doesn't tower over the boys THAT MUCH, but whatever. 

I wait for the day that fans can get ahold of her so I can see their reviews and live vicariously through them, haha.


  1. She's a beauty. Maybe expensive!

    1. She is beautiful. I probably would prefer to have her than Gooliope.