Sunday, August 16, 2015


My sister is coming home for a day from America, and I asked her if she could buy me a Monster High and/or Ever After High doll and she said she will! I didn't tell her what I want because I just told her to pick stuff she could afford, and I'm pretty sure that people like her who are not familiar with these doll lines would find it particularly hard to look for a specific doll in-store. So she's going to pick the doll/s (I don't know how many she will buy for me) herself then give it to me on the 25th. I just told her not to get me any more dolls with dark complexion because I already thrifted a dark-skinned doll (Clawdeen Wolf) three times on different occasions! But that would mean cancelling the chance of me getting Howleen or Clawdia from this surprise package, probably even Cleo de Nile, Nefera de Nile, Robecca Steam, Catty Noir, Cedar Wood etc. because their skin is not pale. Can't wait.

Oh I saw in Toy Kingdom, The Block, SM North some fashion packs of Draculaura and Clawdeen. I particularly liked this one:

It's so cute. It was marked down to P450, but of course I didn't buy because I couldn't afford it.

Also I bought a doll from an online seller for the first time. It will be shipped on Monday and I'm no sure when I can get it. I need to fix the doll though because it's missing a limb but that makes it more fun for me. I'll talk about that doll and post photos too when I get it.

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