Sunday, August 2, 2015

Frozen Anna bootleg doll

I just want to share a photo of this Anna doll I got a couple of months ago. It has a very similar face mould to the one from Mattel and has a Bratz torso and very long and slim legs.

I didn't take a photo of it in the dress and cape it came with, but honestly it's a far cry from Anna's actual dress from the movie so no need to bother. Here is she wearing clothes from Daiso Elly-chan's fashion pack:

Anna in Elly-chan's uniform

She can wear everything from the pack, including the small black shoes! Her legs are really long and slim though, so the skirt appears to be very short for her.

I have another Anna doll like this but I'm customising her at the moment. I'm experimenting so I want an "original" doll to keep as it is just in case I mess up and don't like how my customisation turns out.

/I forgot to post my latest Daiso haul. Each uniform is only P10! Yay!

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