Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zombie Snow White and Zombie Jasmine?

I was browsing the #onceuponazombie tag on Instagram when I came across this photo:

On Instagram:

It's a photo of Zombie Princess dolls from Shiner Toys. As mentioned in an older post, these dolls are bootlegs of the Once Upon A Zombie dolls. What surprised me about this photo is Zombie Snow White's outfit, and the doll on her left which seems to be Zombie Jasmine (Aladdin). Zombie Snow White doesn't have a similar outfit to her OUAZ counterpart but to the human Disney version, and Zombie Jasmine, well there is no Once Upon A Zombie doll for her because Jasmine is a Disney character and not based on a book.

If you know how the other Zombie Princess dolls look like and look closely at Zombie Jasmine, you will notice that she has the same faceup as Zombie Belle (Beauty and The Beast).

I've never seen these two dolls in person, but maybe I would have paid more attention to Zombie Snow White if she was indeed wearing this dress instead of the OUAZ copy.

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