Saturday, August 29, 2015

Peko-chan doll

I found tiny Peko-chan in a box full of toys in a thrift store. 

I inspected her and found out that her clothes are fastened with velcro. Nice! I asked for the price from the cashier and he said it's P10. SCORE!

She can move her head from side to side.

She can raise her arms.

That's all she could do, haha, but she is pretty cute and can stand on her own. She's around 2 to 2.5 inches tall and needs a touchup on her paint. Her tongue and slippers are fading, and there was a smudge on her head that I scratched and it turned out to be factory paint so now she has a bald spot. It's actually a quick fix so no worries.

Her costume is actually one piece, but there are two sets of velcros, one for the red vest, and the other for the inner kimono.

Speaking of miniature dolls, I also found a Dawn doll made by Topper Corp in the 70's. She is naked and her face colour is different from her body's. I didn't get her because she's so tiny and I don't know how I will be able to make clothes for her in this size. She has generously rooted hair though, something you don't see in very small dolls. I might like her someday, who knows. If she's still at the thrift store when I get back, I'll think about getting her.


  1. Omigod! Get that Dawn hurry!
    He he he, if I were you, I could have bought her on the spot!
    Peko looks like the mascot of a popular orange drink :-)

    1. She is so cheap. P35 but I was being stingy. :-/ When I drop by, I'll check if she's still around.